Dog euthanized after owner struggled with muzzle

Judge ordered dog to be euthanized after owner struggled to put on muzzle

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A young dog in Aurora, Colorado, was euthanized after his owner struggled to put on his muzzle. The untimely death of Blue, a three-year-old mixed breed dog, followed a series of events which resulted in the dog being seized, almost released, and then killed.

The sad series of events

As reported by Fox 31,  in early November, Blue got into an altercation with a neighbor’s dog after that dog broke through a fence and entered his yard. Blue bit the neighbor on the hand when she tried to grab her dog back – the bite resulted in Blue being put into quarantine at the Aurora Animal Shelter while a DNA test was completed to see if he was a banned breed.

The results of the DNA test revealed the Blue was NOT a banned breed, but his troubles did not end. His owner, Tracey Prim, told the news agency that the shelter offered to alter her dog for free if she brought him back. Unfortunately, when Blue was brought in for the surgery on December 13, the shelter stated that he was aggressive.

Judge FitzGerald initially stated that Blue could be returned to his owner, but when she arrived at the shelter to take him home, she struggled to place the mandated muzzle on him. After five minutes, an animal control officer ordered her to stop trying and a request was made to the judge to reverse his decision to free Blue.

The judge granted the request to euthanize the dog at a January 7 appeal hearing, and Blue was killed three days later. His owner expressed her outrage and frustration to Fox 31, “What do they expect? Just because in five minutes we can’t put the muzzle on, we don’t know how to tame or control our dog? That’s ridiculous.”


I don’t even know how to explain my words of rage and upset, and being hurt. Those people at the animal shelter… those are vicious people. They lie. They’re backstabbing. They’re coniving,

Prim’s struggles are not over – she must appear in court in mid-February to face charges for possession of an aggressive or dangerous animal.

(Screenshot of Blue via Fox 31 news)

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18 replies
  1. Patricia S says:

    WTH what kind of person that works for the shelter would be so callous? The dog is in a unknown place to him, surrounded by assholes obviously, with a nervous momma trying to put on a muzzle that she has never had to place on her dog before. Print the jerks name and lets make him go viral. He does not deserve a moments peace.

    • Robert Mendenhall says:

      Those are the kind of people we don’t need in animal shelters I agree with you one hundred percent the dog was nervous and it was not used to having a muzzle put on it would take more than five minutes to get that dog to calm down and get that muzzle on we need to see who this person is. I would think the Judge would have more sense than what he had by sentencing that dog blue to death over 5 minutes she not be a judge like to put a muzzle on the judge and see how long it takes to put a muzzle on the judge he probably fight all the way to fry take more than 5 minutes I guess we have to put the judge down

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Rest in peace Blue. It all started by another dog breaking into YOUR yard. Society has certainly let you down, You would think shelter personal would be able to handle a dog to neuter them. As for the muzzle, I struggle every morning putting a muzzle on my wiggle worm Jordan. She is a German Shepherd who spins around chasing her tail, biting it until it bleeds and the only thing I have been able to do with her is put a muzzle on her when I let her out and can’t supervise her. She fights me and she is no small dog. I think Blue got a raw deal here, was let down by everyone and yes the owner struggled to put the muzzle on, why didn’t these trained dog people help?

    • Tiffany Hogan says:

      could Jordan maybe lose the tail ? Perhaps medication could help. I’m also thinking Blue could have had his teeth removed to comply with this crazy judge. Blue did not deserve what happened to him, no Dog deserves that. My heart breaks for his family. Blue is innocent and his death must be avenged. X

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Deep sadness for dearest Blue and many prayers for his owner! This shelter must be THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED! We don’t need shelters committing COLD-BLOODED MURDERS LIKE THIS! How can we save this owner from FURTHER INJUSTICE? Maybe and other organizations can help!

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    I want a petition to fire everyone at that shelter and a petition to permanently unseat the judge! Also sue the heck out of them!

    • R. Newton says:

      I agree. This was a huge injustice for blue and owner. Not his fault for protecting what was his. Fire shelter employes involved and remove judge.

  5. Adrienne says:

    These so called trained people were useless to this owner who was clearly struggling to muzzle her dog. You would think the shelter staff or someone would have first tried to calm the owner and dog down and start again. Nope! One time and that is it- death for this dog. This owner also now faces court charges in February? I hope she gets a good animal lawyer to defend herself and counter sue these people for all they are worth. Woman looses her dog due to their own fault, and now a court case? Some lawyer needs to help the woman free of charge if for all pet owners who struggle each day.

  6. Sue says:

    How things have changed on that score, and not for the better. When I was a teenager (in the 1960’s), the neighbor’s shepherd mix came into our yard and attacked our pit bull mix just as we were coming out the back door. I managed to break it up, but was bitten on the hand by the neighbor’s dog in the process. After I went to the doctor (it was a nasty bite) the neighbors were given a quarantine sign to put in their window for awhile. Period. Nobody got out of control over what is a part of life. No one threatened to sue, no one insisted a dog has to die.

  7. Larry says:

    Another case of officials (judges, police officers, city counselors, animal control officers, etc.) using their powers high-handedly against defenseless animals. Cowards all. Get the name of this judge and of the so-called animals officer responsible for this dastardly act and post them on social media. Let public outrage flow and give those jerks no peace from now until the end of time. Taunt them in the streets and whereever they may be found. Call them out at every opportunity. MAKE THEM PAY.

  8. Laura says:

    Another sadly infuriating case of animal “shelter” workers behaving monstrously. This should never have happened to this dog. That neighbor who reported this to the Gestapo should never have done so…should’ve kept her dog safely in her own yard, then none of this would have happened. Too late now of course, the killers have taken yet another innocent dog and consider him just another piece of “trash” like all the billions of others killed in “shelters” since it all began…while they’ve always been happy to let DOG BREEDERS continue on their merry way creating more more more, as always. Gotta respect traditions, after all, right?

  9. Luana Duncan says:

    Poor baby Blue!!! After all the outrage which wasn’t ur fault U had 2 lose ur life and 4 what, damnit???? May u run free now baby Blue!!! And as 4 ur Mommy I hope things will turn out ok!! So sorry for ur loss!!!

  10. Rose N says:

    Injustices all the eay around fr blue and her owner. Neighbor dog broke thru fence, its owner bit retrieving her dog. Blue quarantened. Blue terrified put into animal control facility. Owner needed alittle more time to calm down blue tp muzzle. Euthanized becaused scared to death. Circumstances were not blues fault. I hope neighbor has one bad guilty conscious. These animal control officers and judge need replacing. I will no longer spend my money and visit colorado.

  11. ACE says:

    The Judge needs to be severely and publicly reprimanded. he was wrong to do this. The animal, if unused to a muzzle would have been terrified, and in a stressful-non familiar location Blue would have been acting totally naturally for the circumstance. And when the Judge is reprimanded-he needs to be muzzled so he can’t respond, and hif he struggles against the muzzzle-SHOOT HIM!

  12. Janette says:

    Blue did not deserve to be killed. I am outraged at how the shelter just had him killed because the owner couldnt get a mussle on. So sorry Blue! RIP sweet boy!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Exactly!!! You said what I was thinking…….

      ~24 years ago, @ our old house (we have since relocated), our neighbors’ 3 pittie mixes chewed through the fence and attacked me and our (then) 2 elderly chihuahuas.
      We threatened our neighbors with a lawsuit if they didn’t replace the fence. They replaced the fence and built a 2nd fence inside their yard to contain their dogs. Animal Control was NOT involved. Problem solved……
      Blue and his family were failed by everyone involved. Absolutely disgusting neighbor. She was clearly @ fault for not controlling her dog in the first place…… why wasn’t her dog taken by Animal Control??? If that POS neighbor were MY neighbor, there would be legal action taken……. I would also consider relocating…….
      RIP Blue and please look for MacKitty in Heaven. He will introduce you to his group of snuggle buddies……. so sorry you were failed by uncaring Animal Control & a POS judge (who clearly has NO animals or experience with animals)………


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