Dog dead after owner left him to starve to death inside of house

Man left dog to starve to death
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A dog is dead after his owner left him unattended inside of a house for two months. The man behind the cruel incident is 27-year-old Kyle Springer of New Brunswick. As reported by CBC News, Springer pleaded guilty to the resulting charge of criminal animal cruelty on Tuesday – he will learn his fate when he is sentenced in the spring.

The crime

In 2015, the abandoned dog, named Diesel, was found by Springer’s landlord, who was trying to collect rent. The interior of the residence was covered in urine and feces and there was evidence that the dog had desperately tried to find food and/or escape. It is believed that the abandoned dog died approximately three days before the landlord entered the building.

The landlord’s daughter stated that Springer lied about the dog – claiming that someone was taking care of him, but the truth is that the dog was abandoned and left to suffer an agonizing, slow death by starvation.

An arrest warrant was issued for Springer two years ago after he failed to appear in court – he was recently arrested following a tip.

The punishment

Thousands of people have signed a petition asking for Springer to be given the maximum sentence of 18 months in jail for his crime – the decision about the man’s punishment will be made on April 9.

Man left dog to starve to death

(Screenshots via CBC News)

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  1. SO this PUTRID AMORAL BASTARD “snickered” at the citizens that STOOD UP for the BEAUTIFUL DOG Bless his Tortured Soul, that strived to LIVE while all the while this Pathetic EXCUSE of a “MAN” KNEW the Suffering that his dog , his companion, his responsibility was enduring!!! Emasculation would be too good for HIM ::: in My Book!!! Put him on a Block of Ice at Sea … and let Nature take it’s Course!!! Oh I forgot that is Barbaric!!! But Golly he deserves to SUFFER for at least 60 days prior to DEPARTING this PLANET!!!

    • I can’t believe this sorry slime human could do this to this beautiful animal! And how could he sleep at night knowing this poor hungry dog that thought he was loved felt! Put that scum bag in a cage and drop him in the ocean! Get all these animal abusers, do the same! They will never change! Should be death for them as they did to their innocence animal. Rest In Peace Diesel. Your in Heaven now

  2. This is pure evil…… callous, cruel indifference to living beings (in this case a dog, who knows who could be the next victim, a child, elderly relative)……

    This POS should only leave prison in a pine box. He is clearly a psychopath.

    SMH: I don’t understand how anyone could abandon a furbaby…… my family always had animals and they were with us from their adoption or rescue until they left this Earth for Heaven…..

    I truly believe that anyone who is deliberately cruel to others (people or animals) will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…..

    Precious treasure, your life was stolen from you (& your life mattered). I am absolutely heartbroken for your trauma & death.

    Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and he will welcome you into his snuggle buddies group. You can RIP amongst his loving friends……..

  3. This scum should be left in a cage with no food or water and slowly watch him die. That would the justice this poor dog should get in return for his slow, agonizing death. Eye for an eye punishment. Courts are getting many of these cases right but not enough or longer punishment time. Let these scum know and feel what that pet went through.

  4. I believe 18 months is not long enough of a sentence it should be much longer this piece of crap does not belong to be on the streets for a very long time he know he did wrong made that poor baby suffer waiting for it to come home and feed it but the piece of shit was heartless didn’t care about a thing he needs to be off the streets for a long time I’m sorry for your suffering baby I’m really sorry Over the Rainbow Bridge now

  5. When will the courts realize that these animal abusers are the same scum that are commuting most other crimes as well and need stiff sentences and mental health evaluations. Obviously this “person” is severely impaired.


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