Dog attacked with an ax is gone

No Words – Dog Shot And Attacked With An Ax Is Gone

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There are no words…just grief over the loss of a dog who was shot and attacked with an ax. The pit bull, dubbed Bert, had been making progress – even passing the “critical” phase and being allowed to continue his recovery at a vet clinic before going to a foster home. But things took a turn…and now he is gone.

Mac the pitbull broke the sad news to Facebook followers on Thursday night:

We really have no words. Something maybe gave way in his terribly damaged traumatic brain injury on the ride to the step down vet here in our hometown. He was suffering horribly and not coming out of it so we decided the best option for him was to give him peace.


 We deeply thank VSS and Skyview’s staff for such compassion and efforts for Bert. We really can not breathe and need some time to process this because our hearts are truly bleeding tonight. Sweet Bert please know the entire world tried so damn hard for you. #justiceforBert

The cruelty

Bert suffered horrible injuries before being treated…someone had shot him in the face and then he was hit in the head with an ax. Somehow he survived the awful injuries…but help apparently came too late.

At least he knew the touch of kind and compassionate people before he was gone. Rest in peace Bert.

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7 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Fly free with the angels sweet boy and be surrounded by love. I hope they catch the criminal who did this and execute him very slowly over a very long period of time.

  2. Linda says:

    RIP Bert, may your spirit come back and haunt the lowlife that did this to you. Thank you everyone who tried so hard to save him. may you all know that i think he knew he was finally loved when he was with you. My heart breaks for Bert and all who helped and loved him.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    At least they tried to save him it would seem it was just too late. I hope they find who did this to him, but alas I won’t hold my breath. Rest in peace Bert, you are in a better place.

  4. me' says:

    RIP Bert. May God have absolutely NO MERCY on the person(s) that did this to Bert. May God turn his wrath on the police if they do not do their job and find the perp(s) that did this horrendous act against Bert. Run free Bert a sorry no good human can ever hurt you again.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I do hope you get big and ugly trying to find out who did this to this sweet boy. Please don’t let it drop! RIP Bert, everybody tried so hard for you!


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