Elderly ‘dead’ dog dug out of his grave

Elderly dog dug out of grave
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An elderly, “dead” dog dug out of his grave after his well-meaning owners inadvertently buried him alive. As reported by The Mirror, the 18-year-old dog named Dik, was buried by his owners who mistook his deep, extended sleep for death.

Dik belongs to two elderly sisters who made the decision to bury him after he could not be prodded awake – fortunately, his grave was shallow and when he finally woke from his deep slumber, he was able to dig himself out and make his way to a nearby roadway where passersby noticed him.

Good Samaritans transported the exhausted old dog to an area shelter and he was eventually reunited with his shocked and grateful guardians. The shelter manager stated, “His owners, two elderly sisters, came to take him home and cried.”

Another dog grave story was in the news this week – photos of a man digging a grave for a still alive dog, while the dog watched, caused a great deal of conversation on Twitter. Fortunately the dog who watched the grave digging is still alive and well!

(Screenshot of Dik via The Mirror)

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  1. How horrified they must have been to find their dog alive and well. I know elderly dogs can go into a deep sleep, more than once I have had trouble rousing an elderly dog. My heart was pounding and I was crying and there is a big sigh of relieve when your precious dog finally awakens and looks at you like you are nuts.


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