Authorities want to find person who dumped puppy in a trash bag

Puppy dumped in trash bag
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Authorities in Tulare County, California, are hoping to find the person behind the cruel abandonment of a puppy. As reported by ABC 30 News, someone left a three-to-four-month-old puppy in a trash bag on along Road 153 and Visalia Avenue in Seville – the abandoned puppy was found on Monday morning.

KRON 4 News reports that deputies in the area found the pup after seeing the trash bag moving. The puppy is reported to be in “fair condition,” and has been placed in a temporary foster home.

Local authorities are hopeful that someone can provide a tip in their investigation. Anyone with information is asked to reach out to the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office at (559) 733-6218 or by texting information to (559)725-4194 or through email at [email protected].

Recently, there has been a rash of dumped puppies in the news. Authorities in Brevard County, Florida, are searching for someone who was driving a small, black sports car – that individual is believed to have dumped a puppy in the middle of a busy intersection (more here). And, not long ago, a blind puppy was discovered in a trash bin in Fort Wayne, Indiana. That pup is now looking for a home (more here).

(Screenshot via ABC 30 News)

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