Dog shot after being released back to owner

Dog rescued from freezing puddle returned to owner and then shot to death

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A story out of Lamar County, Texas, is enough to make one lose faith in humanity. A woman took to social media to recount a heartbreaking situation which resulted in a dog allegedly being shot to death. The woman, Kristi, described a dog who was removed from a frozen puddle, in 17-degree weather, only to be taken back to its owner and ultimately shot to death.

The woman described what she claims to have happened after she called for help on the dog’s behalf:

I just want everyone to know that Lamar County has just swept the criminal acts committed against the dog that I called in on February 8th, 2019 under the rug…I was told by DEPUTY WHITSELL that he had to take the dog back from me because criminal charges were going to be filed against the owners!

I already had the dog in my Camaro with the heat full blast when he got there & told him that he could arrest me for it…He flat out lied to me and told me that he had to get a court order from a judge to seize the dog from the property.

She goes on:

he called the owners & RELEASED the dog back to them to dispose of…this dog had been laying in a frozen puddle of water for 3 days that I know of…in 17 degree weather…he was nothing but a pile of ribs…he had huge icicles hanging all over his body…the side of his face was completely swelled out…when I pulled up there were 4 buzzards on the ground walking around him…it is assumed that the dog was put down on that day…

Kristi updated her Facebook post to announce that the dog was shot to death by his owners after the deputy returned him – she states that it was their was of “putting him down.”

On her public Facebook post, Kristi states that she is “disappointed” in what happened and that she wants justice for the dog. She is asking for people to contact the sheriff’s office at 903-737-2400 to demand justice for the dog who was killed. She writes:

I told the sheriff’s office that I would not bring this to social media unless I had to…I gave them 2 weeks…I’m not getting anywhere…I’m a nice person…I just want justice for this dog…as of this evening, the sheriff office has told individuals calling to complain that they are not at liberty to talk about this case…keep calling…903-737-2400…now we are getting somewhere

Find Kristi’s Facebook post here.

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10 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    This needs to be urgently posted and discussed on EVERY animal action site including, Animal Petitions, ForceChange, and the Greater Good network, etc. This is BEYOND CRIMINAL!

  2. Evelyn Colbert says:

    This owner needs to go to jail ! The poor dog suffered for days only to be shot to death by the one person he was loyal to !!! This is a crime and that “man” needs punished !!!

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    Texas again you should be very ashamed of giving this poor dog back to its owner just to be shot when you had someone willing to take this dog what the he’ll is wrong with the officials in TEXAS have you all have no heart or soul you are just as much to blame as the owner at least this poor dog got some love from this wonderful woman before you brought him back and he was shot to death KARMA and I pray it comes swiftly to the people who had a hand in this poor dogs death it was a living breathing animal with a soul and feelings something a lot of people don’t have in TEXAS PRAYING CALLING AND SHARING FOR JUSTICE FOR THIS POOR DOG TEXAS MAKES ME SICK

  4. Addie says:

    The original owner must have initially left his poor dog in this icy puddle because he had no use for this dog anymore, so what do the police do but bring him back to this vile monster/owner who took his opportunity to finally do away with this dog who was probably loyal to him his whole life. I pray that this woman helps to get justice for this dog and that the owner is charged a felony for killing his dog and goes to jail where the inmates give him the right justice.

  5. Denise Moore says:

    So many abuse stories come from Texas, what seems to be the problem do the humans there not have compassion. The police have failed and ultimately contributed to the perpetuation of animal abuse. Sad situation someone needs to take responsibility and do what is necessary to charge the owner. As far as I know it is illegal to kill companion animals in this way.

  6. Diane says:

    First off I’ed like to thank Kristi for trying to save this baby…This took place in Lamar county Tx..This is a perfect example of the cops and animal control, NOT DOING THEIR JOB….Why are they even getting paid…The death of this baby is on their heads…Not that they give a damn…We are talking a federal offence here, and they just ignore it….I think it’s time for an investigation, and the low-life owners need to pay for their crime….Time to make some calls…


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