Veterinary hospital issues alert about deadly disease

Veterinary hospital issues frightening alert after deadly disease turns up in California

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A California veterinary hospital has issued a frightening alert for residents in the state – deadly heartworm disease has arrived. The announcement was made via the Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach’s social media account.

The veterinary hospital stated:

Urgent disease update for dogs in Los Angeles County, including the South Bay, Palos Verdes Peninsula, and Long beach: Heartworm Disease (HD) has officially arrived. We now have a drought resistant mosquito, the Australian Backyard Mosquito, and it is highly skilled at transmitting the Heartworm larva from one host to another. 5-20% of our wild coyote population is infected with Heartworms, and many Hurricane Harvey rescue groups brought Heartworm positive dogs to our region.

What to do

Now is the time for dog owners to be educated – heartworm disease is most prevalent in the south and southeast portions of the country, and pet owners have long been advised to protect their cats and dogs from contracting the disease. West coast residents, who typically did not have to worry about this disease, may not know that their pets need to be protected.

The veterinary hospital wrote:

Heartworm Disease is DEADLY and very difficult to treat (and expensive). It is, luckily, VERY SAFE AND EASY to prevent. Indoor dogs and cats can be infected.

The Family Pet Clinic is recommending that their clients bring their cats and dogs in for an injection of Proheart6. People not in this immediate area can visit their own veterinarian to see what is recommended – or purchase a heartworm preventative online.

The Family Pet Clinic added:

Please don’t wait. Dr. Emily Beeler, our California public health veterinarian, warned me that she expects an exponential increase in heartworm cases in the South Bay. All dogs will need annual heartworm blood tests in order to remain on Heartworm medication.
Medications here at Family Pet Clinic that prevent heartworms in dogs include Proheart6 (heartworms), Revolution (fleas, ticks, mites, and heartworms), Trifexis (fleas and heartworms), and Tri-Heart (heartworms).

Heartworms are not to be taken lightly – it is a deadly disease. Learn more about heartworms at this link.

Is your dog protected from heartworms? Buy preventative medication from A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be used to help support the continuation of the Pet Rescue Report site.

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  1. Sue E. says:

    Not many people are aware of corporate coalitions, or their profit-based agendas. It’s a tough job trying to counter the constant agitprop, so I will just say that I sincerely hope that all who truly love their dogs will read the following articles in their entirety.

    Heartworm Vaccination Connected to Dog Deaths | Keep the ……

    Interesting History of ProHeart6 –

    Proheart 6 shots causes death in dogs at Animals & Pets …

    Natural Heartworm Prevention – The Whole Dog

    How To Mosquito-Proof Your Yard – Blog

    There are also natural sprays, from companies like YaYa, Cedarcide, Wondercide, and more. But PLEASE read the Whole Dog article completely.


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