Brave kitty fended off trespassing coyote

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In Altadena, California, a brave kitty fended off a trespassing coyote protecting her home. The entire spat was captured on a home doorbell surveillance camera.

The fearless feline stood her ground, and although the person who recorded the video stated it was not their cat, the kitty obviously had no intention of welcoming the intruder. In the video, the kitty swiped at the coyote several times as he tried to get past her. She then chased the coyote around the driveway until the coyote figured out he lost this battle and walked away.

And if that wasn’t enough to show us how brave cats are, KtlaNews reported a 16-year-old cat named Tigger met up with two hungry coyotes early Thursday. Again, security footage of the encounter showed Tigger won that battle too – both coyotes turning around and walking away.

The cats weren’t harmed. Check out the video of one brave kitty: (Copy and paste link into your browser)

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