Blind woman and guide dog struck by a truck

Blind woman critically injured when she and her guide dog were hit by a semi-truck

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A blind woman, accompanied by her guide dog, was critically injured this week when a semi-truck hit her in a crosswalk in Eudora, Kansas. As reported by Fox 4 KC, Tina Jinkins was struck on Thursday morning in the intersection of East 14th Street and Church Avenue.

Jinkins was with her specially trained black Labrador retriever, Clara, when the truck hit her. Though Jinkins’ injuries have left her in critical condition, her guide dog managed to escape without major injury.

In 2017,  41 Action News did a report about Clara and Jinkins. The dog is specially trained to be a running guide for Jinkins, who is reported to be an avid runner. Clara’s specialized training includes her ability to be able to react to danger and obstacles at a much faster pace than typically trained guide dogs.

Thursday’s incident apparently happened too quickly to spare Jinkins from harm – the truck dragged her after striking her in the crosswalk.  The accident remains under investigation and so far, there have been no charges.

(Screenshot via 41 Action News)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    HOW COULD THERE BE “NO” CHARGES?! MANY MANY prayers for both Tina and Clara! Whoever did this needs to get run over with an 18 wheeler–TWICE!


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