Columbia police ‘euthanized’ 8 dogs by shooting them

In Columbia, Mississippi, the Columbia Animal Control and Rescue and the Columbia Police Department have come under fire after eight dogs were “euthanized” by being shot to death. The shelter is operated through the police department which claims there isn’t money in the budget to hire a veterinarian to euthanize the dogs with drugs.

According to Hattiesburg American, Mayor Justin McKenzie defended the police shooting dogs stating it was “humane and legal” and that the police have been following the policies for years. On Monday night, eight dogs were shot – the mayor stating they were either “sick, aggressive or otherwise unadoptable.”

The police department issued the following news release:

“This week was one of those rare and unfortunate times in which euthanasia had to take place. Again, this is not our goal nor do we take pleasure in this duty, however it is necessary on occasion for the health and well being of adoptable animals as well as the staff of our facility,” wrote Police Chief Mike Kelly.

Comments on the shelter’s Facebook page were very critical of the police and shelter.

“Shame on you for allowing police officers to shoot 8 dogs to death because as a rescue you couldnt ask for help in getting them help. if they were truly aggressive, sick or unacceptable, someone should have reached out for help. They didn’t deserve that. I hope their cries haunt you for the rest of your lives. These animals have been repeatedly failed by people and the ones who could be their saviours allowed them to die in a barbaric and painful way.”
And another concerned citizen posted her outrage:
“Your town’s cops shoot dogs and cats that aren’t considered adoptable?! How is that humane?? No money to buy the proper medications to euthanize humanely? How much could these meds possibly cost? Those officers should be ashamed of themselves. No one can possibly believe that shooting a cat or dog is a humane way to “euthanize.” These 8 dogs that were recently shot were murdered!! Get a clue!!”
The Columbia Animal Control and Rescue is considered a no-kill shelter since less than 10 percent of animals are euthanized. At the current time, there are 32 dogs and 56 cats at the shelter. Two city employees work at the shelter as well as volunteers and local companies who help to supply the shelter with food and supplies.
In Mississippi, animals can be shot to death by a law enforcement officer, and according to the American Veterinary Medicine Association, is considered a humane method of euthanasia. The shelter is working  towards new practices to better serve the animals and the community.

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