Man brutally beating dog

Abusive dog treatment caught on video

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Surveillance video in Queensland, Australia, captured a brutal dog beating. Officials with the RSPCA Queensland are hoping to find the man who can be observed in the video calling a dog over to him and then launching a vicious beating against a dog who never appeared to show any sign of aggression.

Michael Beatty, a spokesman for the RSPCA Queensland expressed horror to the Australian Broadcasting Company regarding the cruel nature of the incident:

“Personally, I find the attack very disturbing, I mean the attack just went on and on,”

The police are not investigating the incident, but the RSPCA is hopeful that they will receive a lead that will help them prosecute the man.

Nobody knows if the dog belonged to the people in the video – nor how the dog is faring after the beating.

You can watch the video at this link to ABC. Please note, the video may be difficult for most people to watch.

(Screenshots from CCTV)

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7 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Police NOT investigating?! Are they STUPID or JUST INSANE! Hope this EVIL SCUM is located and beaten TO DEATH!

    Thank you, RSPCA, for being the heroes that you are! Please keep us posted on how the poor innocent dog is doing!

  2. BA says:

    why aren’t the police investigating? one of there relatives? WHAT POS…this scumbag needs t get his ass kicked and jailed…to bad we cant could see the poor dog cower as soon as he (feces) approached, guess he has been abusing animals a lot and no one does shit!!!! sharing to find this pure pile of shit…SHAME ON THE POLICE, GUESS THIS ABUSE IS OK…THEY PROMOTE CRUELTY!!! KARMA KARMA

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    What a total POS….. that poor dog…..

    There is a reserved space in Hell waiting for him where he will burn forever for his cruelty (Let’s hope he gets there ASAP)!!!

    This POS should be locked up forever and only leave prison in a pine box…..

    I hope this precious furbaby survived this brutal beating and is OK…..

    If this furbaby “belongs to this cruel POS”, s/he should be rehomed ASAP into a loving furever home where s/he will be a treasured and beloved family member……

  4. Susan Raudenbush says:

    WTF????? I hope this poor baby survived this awful beating & this POS is caught & locked up. Place in Hell for you bud 🙁 🙁


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