Teen sentenced for shooting officer's pit bull

Teen who shot officer’s dog has been sentenced to 6 years

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On Tuesday, the teen who shot a Virginia Beach police officer’s pit bull was sentenced to six years behind bars. Dashaun Robinson, 18, broke into the officer’s home in December 2017 and shot a three-year-old pit bull named Zulu; the dog was seriously injured and had to undergo life-saving surgery. Zulu was shot after hearing the commotion in the house and chasing after Robinson and his friends, who had kicked in the door to the home.

Circuit Judge William O’Brien sentenced the teen after he pleaded guilty to charges for  armed burglary, conspiracy, animal cruelty and multiple gun charges – Robinson will remain behind bars at the juvenile detention center where he has been held since the time of his arrest.

As reported by the Virginia Pilot, Robinson’s lawyer argued that the teen had a difficult upbringing and asked that his client be allowed to stay in the detention center because it has more to offer the boy for rehabilitation. The prosecutor hoped to see Robinson sentenced to time in prison, arguing that he committed an adult crime.

Robinson will be allowed to remain in the detention center until he is 21 – after that he will serve the rest of his time in prison.

(Screenshot of Zulu via Virginia Pilot)

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7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I agree he should have gone to an “adult” prison, he wanted to do an adult crime he should pay the adult price and as far as I am concerned 18 you are an adult! I highly doubt any of this sentence was for shooting the dog however, I would venture a guess that the sentence was for the armed burglary, conspiracy, and multiple gun charges since when do judges give a damn about dogs. In closing, I don’t care what kind of upbringing this POS had, HE is the one who committed these crimes he is old enough to know right from wrong and blaming it on his upbringing is absurd!

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    About time these animal torturers were made to suffer for their deliberate torture and suffering committed against all animals. This animal torturing monster Dashaun Robinson should be put to death. If I could get to the pos I would finish this monster off for good. Their Lawyers always making out the excuse that this monster llike this pos had a difficult upbringing. That is no excuse for this monsters behaviour. Kil the pos. This animal torturing monster and all of them should be eradicated from our planet.These animal torturing monsters will continue their vile and evil behaviour if not eradicated from our planet. They are the filth o n our planet earth. Kill them all.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    FINALLY A JUDGE I CAN SAY I RESPECT!!!! This kind of sentencening NEEDS TO CONTINUE and maybe these Abusive AssH*les WILL STOP and TNINK Before TORTURING ANY ANIMAL AGAIN!!! Hopefully this is just a start!!!


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