Woman lied about puppy being fatally kicked

Woman admits that she lied about children kicking puppy to death

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In a world where animal cruelty seems to run rampant, it seems implausible that someone would choose to fabricate a cruelty story, but that is exactly what happened in Toledo, Ohio. Sabrina Sylvester, 23, is the tale spinner and because of her lies, a massive reward was offered to help find the “cruel children” behind the alleged act which claimed the life of a three-month-old miniature pinscher named Princess.

The false story

Sylvester told law enforcement that she had tried to intervene on behalf of the young puppy, who was being kicked “like a football,” by a group of children between the ages of 10 and 12. The puppy was rushed to the Toledo Area Humane Society but died from her injuries, which included broken ribs and a broken back.

After Sylvester shared her story, a reward that climbed to $15,000 was offered to help bring the children to justice.

The real story

Investigators felt that something was off with Sylvester’s story and when they pressed her, she admitted that she had made it up. The true story is that her own daughter, who is just two years of age, accidentally killed the puppy – though she claims that she does not know how, reports The Blade.

Sylvester told investigators that she had lied because she was afraid of what would happen to her children, and to her.

The repercussions

The woman who spun the tale is now facing a charge for making false alarms to a law enforcement agency. According to Stephen Heaven, president of the Toledo Area Humane Society, Sylvester would not have faced any charges if she would have told the truth from the beginning. Sylvester has stated that she regrets lying and feels bad that the community became so outraged at the “children” who were the bad guys in her concocted story. She told The Blade, “I wish I could go back. I really do. I would have just told the truth.”

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14 replies
  1. Stephen L. Phillips says:

    So – an UNSUPERVISED TWO YEAR OLD inflicted sufficient violence to break ribs and spine???
    Where was this lying mother, THEN???
    Grill this biyach: she’s STILL LYING, and most likely inflicted these lethal injuries herself!

    • linda says:

      Yup..I want to know how her 2 yr killed the pup…….maybe the mom did and throwing her daughter under the bus!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    You don’t leave a 2 year old alone with a puppy. Who knows what the little brat did to the puppy and then her mother makes up a story. This toddler’s future is is doubt, anything the brat does that is wrong will be met with a mother making excuses and lies to cover her ass. Disgusting, this mother certainly needs parenting lessons at the very least!

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Well why am I not surprised with the outcome of this story. A child that did that at 2 years of age is already showing signs of being a sociopath and as such it needs to be locked up and put away and taken out of society. The so-called mother needs to be taken out of society and put somewhere where nobody has to deal with that either.

  4. Adrienne says:

    What was she thinking to allow this to get blown out of proportion?Her child obviously wasn’t taught how to treat an animal and that should have been her responsibility and that is why this happened. What she did after to deflect from herself was cause more of a problem. Possibly she needs some type of community service where she and even her children know the proper way to care for another living creature. Sad what happened to this pup due to lack of proper care.

  5. Me' says:

    You killed a puppy and lied about it. Then blame your two year old. Off with your freaking head. You deserve no pity and your kid should immediately be removed from your possession

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    I Believe this concocted FABRICATION ( FKING LIE) . about as much as I believe THIS BITCH is SORRY THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE ANOTHER ANIMAL>>>& for the record YES DFS NEEDS to REALLY INVESTIGATE this So -called MOM FIGURE!!!

  7. J. Martin says:

    This woman is a LIAR!!!! I seem to recall this story and the outrage it caused with animal lovers. Her brat may have injured and ended up causing the death of this pup. But what she did was far worse .. FAR FAR WORSE!!! She’s sorry now is she? YEAH .. I’ll just bet she is.

  8. maxiemom says:

    How could a 2 year old do this without her knowing how the injuries were inflicted?

    Her children should be taken away from her for good! She also ought to be locked up as long as possible, as I have extreme doubts that it was a 2 year old at all. She probably did it and is now blaming the child.

  9. Gail Calhoun says:

    The two year old is a druggie baby and the liar mommy is a druggie ,too. Read between the lines. There should be no more puppies or dogs or cats or hamsters or even pet rats kept in this home.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sabrina Sylvester more than likely killed this puppy herself – she lied once, and I am sure she lied twice – anything to distance herself from taking responsibility – she is now blaming her two year old – what a pitiful example of a mother, and a scumbag to boot. This little puppy was a victim – IF for some reason her kid did do it, where the hell was she at that time – sucking on her crack pipe? I am sure she did this and needs to be held responsible for this puppy’s death –


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