Three-month-old puppies thrown outside shelter gates at dumpsters

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Two puppies, no more than three-months-old, were discovered on Saturday morning thrown outside of the shelter gates at Nottoway County Virginia Animal Shelter at the site of the dumpsters. Angry, dirty and disgusted, the shelter staff has called out the animal abusers who caused the suffering of two innocent puppies.

“To the human that dumped the precious babies at the dump – what is wrong with you???? You dumped those two babies right outside our gates at the dumpsters. You have had them for 10 to 12 weeks but couldn’t hold onto them for a couple more hours or call us?,” Sheila posted on the shelter’s Facebook page to bring awareness to the plight of the puppies.

One of the puppies was injured as the men collecting the trash had not noticed nor expected the dogs to be there.

“If you even care the boy is fine. The little girl was injured when the guy came to dump the big dumpsters. So not only did you dump them, you caused one to be injured, a man to be upset that while doing his job, he accidentally injured that precious little girl and you cause me to lay in that trash… and climb under a dumpster at a landfill.”

The two puppies are Border collie and Labrador retriever mixes. The male, now named Lance weighs ten-pounds. His bonded sister, named Deedee, will be spending the weekend at the veterinarian and weighs nine pounds. Both puppies will be heading to rescue on Monday at which time Deedee will continue with her medical treatment.

Follow the shelter helping people and pets in Nottoway County here.

Does anyone recognize these puppies? Help them find some justice. It is illegal to dump dogs.

(Photos of puppies via Nottoway County Virginia Animal Shelter)

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11 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    Thank goodness the man DID see the puppies, even if he didn’t see them in time for the girl to avoid injury. If he hadn’t, they would both be dead.

    It’s also great that the shelter took the puppy to a vet because not all of them do, which infuriates me. Glad these sweet babies will undoubtedly find a good home. It’s what they deserve.

    I hope they find the human waste that did this and put THEM in a dumpster, preferably one with a compactor. If someone forgets and turns it on, oh, well, no loss to humanity there….

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Thank you, rescuers–God bless you and the little angels!

    To the abuser: first, “karma”–next “hell”!

    Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll be scooped up by a trash compactor and then … Oh, well …

  3. Larry says:

    Low-life doesn’t begin to describe the scumbag who would do something like this. I know that person will never read my comments because that kind of person (and I use the term person loosely) doesn’t follow this site. However, if anyone does know who this is, please share my comments with them. It is probably a good thing that I live too far away to try to find the person/persons responsible. If I found him/her/them, I might be asking for someone to give me an alibi

  4. susispot says:

    They are beautiful. With a smidge of effort they surely could have been rehomed. Lazy ass jerk that left them in the trash. I hope they have a bright future ahead. Border Collies are great dogs. Very smart and loyal.

  5. susispot says:

    I can’t help but wonder what it would take to clean up that dumpster area? No reason for it to look so trashy, especially if this is near the entrance of the shelter. No telling what the pups could have picked up in that garbage.


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