Stop sending balloons to ‘heaven’

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People need to stop sending balloons to “heaven.” Balloons do not go to heaven…they get in the water, where they often kill birds and marine life. They land in fields, creating unwanted litter. They fall from the sky and spook livestock – sometimes so badly that injuries happen.

Even worse, the news promotes it!

Each year, a media outlet will feature a “touching” story about a child who sent a balloon to heaven…in memory of a loved one. These special news stories typically feature someone who found a balloon, with a touching note attached; the finder has usually reached out to the balloon sender and the journalist implies that the connection (thanks to the balloon sent off in the sky) was meant to be…perhaps a sign from the loved one who passed away.

The journalists talk about the heartwarming story, but fail to mention the devastating impact of balloons (and ribbons) on wildlife and the environment. Worse yet, some people watch these stories and think, “hey great idea, I’m going to send a balloon to my dearly departed loved one.”

Sky Lanterns are bad too

Sky lanterns are beautiful, but they can start fires, and they create litter as well – the metal frames that fall to the ground are nothing more than ugly garbage, and they pose a hazard to animals.

Alternatives to balloons

Want to remember a loved one? Consider planting a memorial garden – buy a rose and watch it bloom for years to come. Plant a tree, blow bubbles and watch them float away…

Please stop to think of the animals, and the environment and consider alternatives to items that can cause harm. Need more alternatives to balloons? Click here.

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  1. I have heard this before that sending balloons skyward is a danger to birds and other wildlife. But there are some people who will never pay attention to what this does to other life – these balloons never reach your loved one – they are just a danger to other beings.

  2. Totally selfish and self-centered people! Certainly their loved ones wouldn’t want this! Hope their brains start working soon!


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