Senior dogs surrendered for being too ‘old and smelly’

Senior dogs surrendered for being old and smelly
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Two senior dogs, 10 years of age, were surrendered by their owner who told shelter staff that they were too “old and smelly.” The Humane Animal Treatment Society posted photos of the senior dogs on Facebook Tuesday morning and described the heartbreaking situation:

She said she didn’t want us because we were “old and smelly.” But, what do you expect? She forced us to live our entire lives outside. She never showed us any love. Since our young puppy days all I knew was my sister, Marie, and the outdoors.

Suddenly she put us in the back of her truck to get rid of us. She wouldn’t even let us inside. She threw us in a crate in the truck bed anddrove off. For 10 years, she kept us outside and now we are no longer wanted. “Old and smelly”…

A special home is needed

These senior dogs (Donnie and Marie) are in need of a special new home – a home where they will be loved and taken care of properly. A home with an owner who is patient and kind. A home where they can come inside and learn what it is like to be part of a family.

You can help these discarded senior dogs

Donnie and Marie need to find their special new person. If you are interested, or if you have questions, contact the canine team at (989) 775-0830. If you aren’t able to offer these senior dogs a home, please take a moment to network this article to your social networking sites to help them get the visibility that they need.

Facebook page for animal shelter at this link.

Location: Mount Pleasant, MI

(Image via Facebook)

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  1. Please someone give these 2 sweet dogs a chance at feeling loved that’s all they really need prayers you both find a loving home together

  2. Omg God! What is wrong with these owners??? Karma to them when they get old. Asking our dear lord to help find them a good loving home. Sending prayers for their lifes and freedom

  3. Hope Donnie & Marie are adopted together since that is the only life they have known. Can’t understand why people get a dog and in this case 2 dogs, and leave them outside all the time. Yes, some animals do like being outside, but not 24/7 and certainly without any love or caring from their so-called owners. Please keep us up to date on what happens to these 2 siblings.

  4. WOW, those are nice looking dogs! The only “old and smelly” in this story is the former owner! I hope karma gets her. Sharing in New York State, and praying these precious dogs find a good home.

  5. I wonder if their children will abandon
    them when they become “old and smelly”. I don’t know why people have pets and not consider them a family member. I love my rescue furkids and have adopted seniors. Sounds like these idiots were too lazy to give them a bath , train them and play with them. Beautiful dogs.

    • You said it!!!

      If you have a companion animal, they are a companion, meaning with the family, bathed, fed, interaction with other family members……..

      My husband and I adopt old and special needs animals (so sadly, we lose them far too soon, although truthfully, one is NEVER prepared to say goodbye to a loved one {human or furbaby})….. I would give anything to be with our precious furbabies who are in Heaven……..
 To us, seniors are precious treasures & we do everything to help them have a wonderful life with us…..

      These POS’s who abandoned their senior furbabies deserve lots of pain and suffering in their lives!!! Hopefully they will end up dumped in a terrible situation when they are old and unable to care for themselves…….

      The POS’s who abandoned these precious furbabies have reserved spaces in Hell where they will burn forever for their cruelty….. let’s all hope that they get there ASAP (after dying unloved, alone, afraid and in pain)…….

  6. This is a Cold and Heartless ” Crotch Rot Bitch” if she is married her husband will be Next… Hopefully these Senior’s will find someone to love them during their Elder Years… may the former owner of Donny and Marie end up sitting in a assisted living drooling and alone every remaining day of her life….

  7. This piss poor owner needs a dose of her own medicine – stick her useless ass outside 24/7, never give her a bath and then dump her in a 3rd rate nursing home where she can wallow in her own bed sores, get no attention and be left to rot in a filthy never washed bed – she deserves no less. Donny & Marie have suffered enough through maltreatment and neglect – PLEASE some kind person step up for them and give them both the safe loving home they obviously never had.

  8. Yes I wish they would issue a hunting licence for people like this empty vessel. Regrettably they do not. I checked. Next step is donate what you can spare. All it takes is a small donation by anyone who cares. And I know ALOT of you do. REAL Michiganders respect animals and the environment. If you don’t PLEASE leave the State.

  9. why do these ding-dong people get dogs in the first place. Perhaps it was their own stink they were smelling. These dogs are beautiful. Oh my gosh! A simple bath would have taken care of any odor. But you’re kidding about their getting old!!! what? They should have been cited for just being ignorant.


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