Senior dog critically injured after someone broke into shelter and started dog fight

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Is it not bad enough to be a homeless senior? To be locked away in a kennel run, away from all that was once familiar? Things became exponentially worse for one homeless senior dog in Arkansas after someone broke into an animal shelter during the night and started a horrific dog fight.

What happened?

As reported by WREG News, earlier this week, someone broke into the Humane Society of the Delta and started a vicious dog fight. Shelter workers arrived Wednesday morning to a “blood bath.” Eight dogs had been turned loose from their kennels and shelter staff suspect that whoever broke in may have also brought their own “fighting dogs” to use shelter dogs as bait.

One dog in particular took the brunt of the fighting violence…10-year-old Rubio was left with life-threatening injuries.

The shelter posted disturbing details about what was found in the shelter when staff returned:

The scene was straight out of a horror film. It was a bloodbath. Kennels had been destroyed in the mayhem to give you an idea of the kind of fighting and violence that took place. To say we are disgusted at the kind of person who could do this to helpless, homeless animals is an understatement.

Moving forward

The shelter staff wants to make their facility more secure, but they are in need of help from the community. Staff has requested an electrician to install LED flood lights, and a security system. The shelter has also asked for help buying new kennels, and a contractor to help update the facility.

Anyone with information about someone in the area who can help is asked to email:

Donations can be made at this link to the shelter’s website. 

Link to Facebook video of Rubio here.

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A beautiful second chance

Prom for senior dogs!


11 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Finger prints have to be somewhere when they broke in. Police need to do a thorough investigation and go after the vile monsters that did this and allowed this senior dog to take the brunt of their torture. I pray they are found, because I am sure it is more than one scum, and I want to see justice done to each thug and tortured until they cry out in pain and then continue it. Police, FBI, do your work and help this shelter find the scum who did this. I hope the community from the Mayor on down help this shelter recoup and get them to where they can be a safe place for all animals.

  2. Robert Mendenhall says:

    I hope to God they are cut they cannot be living too far away from that area I would definitely get some security cameras in there or trailer this pisses me off so bad. whoever knows of who did this they need to let other people know so they could do a midnight visit on there so-called safe place to sleep and rest their head and see how they like it

  3. Larry says:

    Fing the scumbag(s) responsible for this horrific act, don’t feed the shelter dogs for 5 days, then lock the bastards who did this in a cage with their hands handcuffed behind their backs, rub hamburger meat all over them, then turn the dogs in and watch the fun. It would still be better than they deserve.

  4. Donna L Hawkins says:

    Just when you think you have heard all the insanity! What kind of creature could do this or even think of such a thing ! Truly sick!


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