No one wanted to adopt one dog at adoption event

299 dogs found homes at adoption event, but nobody even wanted to meet Zeus

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Nearly 300 dogs found homes over the weekend at a mega adoption event in Indianapolis…but nobody even wanted to meet a dog named Zeus. After the adoption event, one of Zeus’ heartbroken advocates wrote:

King Zeus was one of the few that did not get adopted this weekend. He is sweet, gentle, and likes children yet no one looked at him. Maybe it was because of the scars that are all over his face. Maybe it was because he was laying down quietly in his crate. I’m not sure why, but I do know that we will continue to find King Zeus the loving home he desperately wants.


Zeus is being held at the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Noblesville. On Monday morning, the animal welfare agency wrote:

King Zeus was left behind. 299 dogs at Mega found their forever homes, but nobody stopped to look at our Zeus. This sweet and gentle giant will continue to wait patiently for you in his kennel at HSHC.

Information about this dog

The animal shelter describes “King Zeus”

Some dogs make you laugh at their antics. But some dogs tug at your heart because you know they desperately need a loving home. King Zeus came from the streets as a stray, and it was apparent that his life had been rough. He has lots of healed scars on his head, he had pressure sores on both front legs, and his teeth have been worn down. He has been adopted and returned two times because living with other dogs is just too difficult for King Zeus. However, we know that he did well with the children he lived with and that he loves humans more than anything.

The shelter added a heartbreaking statement about Zeus’ apparent lack of hope, “He lays so quietly in his kennel watching people pass by him. He never barks to get attention. It’s as if he has given up hope of finding a forever home.”

Find Zeus a home

You can help Zeus find the family who is perfect for him by sharing this article with his adoption information. Find Zeus’ adoption profile here.

1721 Pleasant St, Ste B (1,864.96 mi)
Noblesville, Indiana 46060

Shelter phone:
(317) 773-4974

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30 replies
    • Henry says:

      It breaks my heart just how that poor guy must feel seeing everyone leaving. I wish i had room for him, my other three rescues would love him. ????????

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hopefully this article will help to promote Zeus so that someone will take a closer look as see beyond his scars. Being the only dog is not hard since many families don’t look for another dog until the one they had passes. That’s how we’ve done that, having only one dog, and that has worked out well for us and the dog. Pray Zeus finds his forever home very soon.

  2. Johanna Pontin says:

    He will find his loving forever home, I am sure… just give it some time… I would take him if nobody does, but I am in Alberta. I already have three big rescue dogs, not looking for another one, but ready to give love to a baby that is lonely for too long…

  3. Micele says:

    I would take him in a heartbeat he’s absolutely gorgeous.
    I have two older rescue dogs and it would not be fair to take him if he does not do well with other dogs in the house and it’s too stressful for him.
    I will however spread the word to anyone looking for a beautiful dog that would be a suitable home.
    The more exposure he gets the better opportunities and chances of finding a loving home.

  4. Tracey says:

    I would take him in a heartbeat! But I just read it’s too difficult for him to live with other dogs. I have a female pit and a male jack Russell. ????????????

  5. pennysdachshunds says:


  6. Stacey says:

    Is there anyone who can maybe foster him? My heart just breaks for him. I will share and I will check back, I pray some loving family adopts him.

  7. Alexis Barrett says:

    We lost our pit bull mix earlier this year to a tumor on her brain… She was the sweetest most loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would love to have Zeus with us… My children have wanted another however I was too worried we would never find another one like our Lady, and then I ran across this article by chance (or by fate) If you would like more information please I would definitely be interested and we do not have any other dogs…

  8. Brandi Dixon says:

    I pray someone please adopt him he looks so pitiful..I wish I lived closer to I would I’m all way in NC …but Pitt bulls are the sweetest dogs many people just dont give them a chance bc their bad rap


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