Reward offered for cruelty case – dog intentionally burned

Cruelty case - dog intentionally burned
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A reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for intentionally burning a dog in Michigan. The young, mixed breed dog, dubbed Phoenix, has been taken in by The Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit after being found by a resident on Friday.

cruelty case

The Dearborn Police brought the injured dog to the animal shelter for care – an exam revealed evidence that she had been burned “numerous times” on multiple occasions. Elaine Greene,  the shelter’s executive director, told Detroit News, that Phoenix still has faith in humans:

“In spite of the horrific nature of the injuries, (she’s) very trusting of people. She was treated today and will recuperate at the shelter. Cruelty to animals makes us sick. Our staff has named the dog Phoenix because we want to see her rise again.”

On the shelter’s Facebook page, staff expressed disgust in the atrocious case of animal cruelty:

This is hideous and atrocious. We are heartbroken. Someone on the east side of Dearborn intentionally burned this poor sweet girl.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call (313) 943-2607. Donations for Phoenix’s veterinary expenses can be made to:

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. It is sickening that people can do this. I can’t imagine what she has been through. I want that person or people caught and arrested.

  2. Sadly in Dearborn Michigan the city has become like a foreign country within America. I’m sorry I make no apologies for how I feel. I feel bad this dog was injured. Very bad. But it’s not going to be the end of what happens in that cesspool of savage foreigners. Animals are considered lower than women and women are nothing more than chattel if that.

  3. These sadistic monsters need to be arrested, imprisoned and never let free again! If it was up to me they would get exactly done to them what they did to poor Phoenix! I hope they do not have other animals or children!

  4. Multiple burns means from other times I suspect. What pain that dog must have gone through and may have had minimal care, if any. With proper care, she will get through this and be in a loving home very soon. Please find this evil monster who did this to her.

  5. Look at the fuc&ed up area Detroit what do you expect? Sick minded bastards who hurt animals all need to rot in pain and die.

  6. Hope Phoenix will be treated well ???????????? She really deserved this ????????????And find then how did this cruelty behaving! !!! Whish you a VERY CAREFUL FOREVERHOME POENIX ???????????? Mig Hugs from Sweden ????????????????????????

  7. OK Michigan – make it a priority to find this hunk of sewer sludge – forget prosecuting this punk, little to nothing will happen to them – the judicial system for animal cruelty is an out loud laugh – this maggot needs to be taken down a dark alley, hogtied and burned alive – they deserve nothing less.


  9. There are cities that like the Middle East in Michigan. One would think they took a wrong turn and ended up Saudi Arabia… These individuals Love Torture!!! It will only become worse with more and more of this Evil, Ruthless, Torture…

  10. I hope she can make a complete recovery. She’s obviously been in pain for many weeks/months due to multiple burning. I hope they find the POS who did this and do the same to him/her. An eye for an eye. That is the ONLY way animal cruelty is going to subside.

  11. I hope this monster is found…. to inflict this horrible pain over and over is the doings of a sick, insane, monster who deserves to be put down! No mercy, no trial, no jail…..just poor hot oil all over them.


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