Puppy rescued after his head trapped in rim of tire wheel

In Austin, Texas, an adorable black puppy had one scary day after his head became trapped in the rim of a tire wheel. The Bastrop County Fire Department along with a local animal rescue group, Wags for Hope and Healing, made the little guy’s rescue possible.

According to KxanNews, the puppy must have been playing somewhere he didn’t belong and quickly found himself in a very dangerous position. The owner of the litter of puppies and Evan Jacobs, the Animal Services Manager for the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, picked up the wheel, brought it outside of the shed, but no matter how hard they tried, were still not able to free the puppy.

Firemen from the Bastrop County Emergency Services District 2 Fire Department came to help; Erick Johns was one of the rescuers, but even with the “jaws of life” the eight-week-old puppy couldn’t be freed.


 “My coworker, Violet, thought when a puppy sits down it kind of gets scrunched up, so we had the animal control guy tilt [the puppy] higher forward. [Violet] grabbed the body of the puppy, and I grabbed the head. And she started to twist the puppy as I twisted the head and started to twist it out,” Johns said. “And we go that dog out.”

The moment he was freed, he ran to his mother along with his eight other tiny siblings. The rescue took ten minutes. All of the puppies and their mother are going to be spayed and neutered. The pups are expected to be made available for adoption through the Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter as well as Wags for Hope and Healing.

Good work everyone. Violet – you rock!

(Photos and video of puppy stuck in rim of tire wheel Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter)

Check out the video:

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