Abandoned dog appeared to have been operated on by amateur – too injured to save

Abandoned dog botched surgery
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A dog, abandoned in Yolo County, California, showed signs that she had been operated on by an amateur. The dog, a pit bull, appeared to have been spayed and then sewn up with fishing line – according to CBS Sacramento, her injuries were so severe that she had to be humanely euthanized.

A good Samaritan discovered the injured and abandoned dog in a “pool of mud” on Tuesday. She was rushed to UC Davis vet hospital where she underwent surgery. Despite efforts to save her life, the damage was too severe and she could not be saved.

A horrible case of animal cruelty

Yolo County’s Chief Animal Services Officer, Vicky Fletcher, told CBS:

“The sutures were very far apart, and the suture material looked like knitted fishing line. I’ve done this for 31 years and I have never seen this. This is the saddest thing that has come across our desk in a really long time.”

The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information in this cruelty case. The department reached out to Facebook followers this week with a plea for help:

If anyone has any information identifying the owner(s) of the two Pitbulls picked up on 04/10/18 please contact Yolo County Animal Services immediately at [email protected] or (530) 668-5287. If anyone witnesses a person(s) or vehicle abandoning a dog in the Clarksburg area, please also contact Yolo County Animal Services immediately at (530) 666-8282. We thank you for all your help in resolving this problem in our county.

Animal services reports that 16 dogs have been abandoned in the rural Clarksburg area over the past 180 days. There was another pit bull abandoned in the same area where the botched surgery dog was found – the other dog was also injured but is expected to recover.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. so the monster does this to this ppor dog and because the person botched it up they abandon this dog!!!!!!!!!!……oh my gosh! please catch this heartless person

  2. Sick sick sick fucks in this world. And America kisses the asses of felons too much relegating victims, if they’re lucky enough, to the back burner otherwise they’re forgotten about all together. And fuckin lawyers – these maggots will do whatever it takes to get their client off the hook, selling their mother or kids into the sex slave industry if needed to “save” their felon. Oh OK – this isn’t true? Prove it and stand up for the victims by refusing to represent these maggot felons. If you can’t do that then STFU.

  3. Someone KNOWS whose dog this was and needs to grow a conscience and turn them in. What this subhuman maggot did was beyond cruel, it was done knowing they had no knowledge or care how they were injuring an innocent animal. If this so called ‘human’ is not found then I hope they have a fatal date with a tractor trailer.

  4. This is when there should be cameras around where people dump their pets or any “unwanted things”. Maybe the authorities would have been able to identify this scum who did this. RIP doggie. They treated you like dirt but now you will be pain free and run around with all your friends.

  5. Poor Baby!!!! I hope you find who did this and do the same to them!!!! This is just HORRIBLE!!! This is BEYOND ABUSE!!!


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