Pup trying to escape attack by other dogs jumps into deep well

A frightened pup, trying to escape an attack by other dogs biting him, jumped into a deep well in  southeast China and found himself trapped.

Villagers living in the Fujian Province spotted the tiny brown and white terrier running away from a vicious pack of dogs when he ran past them and dashed into the well.


According to the Daily Mail, the townspeople contacted the police, warning the rescuers to be careful not to contaminate the water in the well the villagers used for drinking. And so a firefighter, with a rope wrapped around him for stability, was lowered into the well stepping carefully along the walls making sure not to muddy the water around him.

The tiny dog waited patiently on the ledge to be rescued, and when brought up happily ran around happily rubbing himself in the grass to dry.

Check out the footage – courtesy of Pear Video and Daily Mail:


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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope this little scared dog gets a chance at a safe loving home – Thanks to those who witnessed this incident and stepped up to get help – and to the firefighters who rescued this pup from sure death.


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