Outrage as South Beach dancer rides scared horse inside nightclub

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What in the world was someone thinking when they brought a horse into a South Beach, Florida nightclub as the music blared and an exotic dancer tried to ride the scared equine through the crowd?

The disturbing scene occurred at the Mokai Lounge on Thursday evening, after a scantily clad dancer fell off the panicky horse being led around by a rope.  A man tried to calm the animal; a video of the debacle outraged animal advocates. Instagram follower Sofia Jaramillo wrote:

“Disgusting. No words to describe what I feel when I watch this. I hope they get what they deserve.”

Christina Mignon Pino posted the video and photos to Facebook encouraging followers to share:

“PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO TAG, SHARE AND REPOST, it is important WE ARE THEIR VOICE!!!Last night @mokaiofficial (owned by @theromanjones) decided a nightclub was an appropriate place for a horse (we just found out this isn’t the first time AND that this horse was also @kikiontheriver on Sunday!!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS and nothing short of animal abuse! You can clearly see how scared this horse is and even falls (btw do you know if horses break a leg, they are usually euthanized?!?). Not only is this extremely dangerous for the horse, it is extremely dangerous for the people around the horse as well. So stupid on so many levels. WE CANNOT ALLOW THESE THINGS TO KEEP HAPPENING!! SHAME ON YOU MOKAI!!”

Check out the video at this link.

There has been no shortage of shaming aimed at the Mokai Lounge for even allowing this to happen. The club continues to delete all critical statements from their social media page. Witnesses and onlookers reported this to the Miami Police who posted early Friday morning confirming an investigation has been started:

“Last night MBPD was made aware of this incident at Mokai. We are very concerned over the allegations. As such, we have launched a joint investigation with Code Enforcement.”

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10 replies
  1. Red says:

    Animals seem to always be abused because some MONSTER wants to make $$$ off of them. I wish someone would take the monster who decided this was a cool thing to do and drag him ugly a** through the streets until he was petrified……..or severely hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then see how cool he thinks it is to lead a horse into scary places!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of human’s inconsideration, lack of conscience and total irresponsibility – this is animal abuse perpetrated by ignorance and greed – if the horse had bolted and injured a human the Mokai lounge would be sued big time – but the horse would be blamed for human stupidity. Whoever owns this place best wake up and realize what dumb act this was – this poor horse was terrified and rightly so – WAKE UP – Mokai lounge made this poor animal go through hell for their own enjoyment. Deplorable!


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