Man arrested - accused of slitting family dog's throat

Ohio man arrested for slitting his pet dog’s throat

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An Ohio man was arrested on allegations that he slit the throat of his pet dog. According to WYFF 4 News, 62-year-old Michael Kelley of Monroe is facing charges for killing his family’s Yorkipoo on November 2.

As reported by the Journal News, Butler County Deputy Dog Warden Jennifer Schwaller alleges that Kelley tried to kill the small dog outside of his home on Carol Ann Lane – when he failed, he retrieved a fillet knife to finish the job.

When Kelley’s wife, Peggy, returned home, she discovered her husband unresponsive and lying prone on the kitchen floor – after spotting blood outside of her home’s door, she found her deceased dog outside near the fence. The dog’s head had almost been cut off.

Kelley’s wife has stated that she does not know why the family’s dog was attacked – she has advised the authorities that her husband suffers from depression. Kelley is facing a felony charge of cruelty to a companion animal.

(screenshot via Journal News)

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    His Wife SHOULD have Finished the SOB OFF with a few bounces of a Frying Pan on the Head!!! NO LOSS THERE::: Depression: NO HE IS PURE EVIL —She could have been NEXT!!!!!


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