No remorse from man accused of fatally shooting neighbor's dog

No remorse from man arrested for fatally shooting neighbor’s caged dog

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There is no remorse from an Arizona man who has been arrested for fatally shooting his neighbor’s caged dog. According to multiple sources, 63-year-old Andrew Jackson Evans has shown no regret for breaking into his neighbor’s Mesa home and killing their pit bull, who was locked in a cage.

The killing

As reported by ABC 15 News, Evans broke into his neighbor home on Sunday and shot the dog twice in the head with a 9 mm handgun – he then took the dog’s body to the desert and buried her, along with the cage that the dog had been in.

Man arrested for fatally shooting neighbor's caged dog

The explanation for the cruel shooting

Evans has stated that he killed his neighbor’s dog in retaliation for her attack on his own small breed dog – he allegedly told the authorities,  that “what he did was worth it.”

Evans is facing multiple charges including suspicion of killing an animal, disorderly conduct and burglary – he has been released from jail.

(Booking photo of the accused shooter and screenshot of owner submitted photo)

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  1. Tracy Vaillancourt says:

    Omg. I live here in Phoenix which is basically within arm breaking reach of Mesa. Hmmm….wonder what his address is?

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    This POS will more than likely get more time in jail for breaking and entering then he ever will for murdering his neighbor’s dog. I would like to know how hurt HIS dog was from this supposed attack! Did it really justify a death sentence for the neighbor’s dog?


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