Just a pup – returned to packed shelter by foster because he chewed

Just a pup, returned for chewing
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A young dog, truly just a pup at a year of age, has been returned to a packed animal shelter by his foster because he chews. Earlier this week, a Facebook post was made on the young dog’s behalf:

*Foster Return*

A018266 was surrendered to the shelter by his foster on 11/24. I will update his post when I receive the reason they gave. *Returned because he chewed on things, but was great with kids*. He is a one year old Catahoula Leopard Hound/mix, HW-. Please consider adopting him.


Helping this young dog

Puppies chew – and young dogs need direction and training. This pup has no one to show him the ropes and now, he may pay for his typical puppy behavior with his life.

This pup is located at the Ft. Bend Animal Control Agency in Rosenberg, Texas – and the facility is packed beyond capacity, which means that all of the dogs are at risk. On Wednesday, the Facebook page for the animal control agency posted about the dire situation:

The shelter has no empty kennels, and dogs are being placed in pop up kennels in the hallway. The shelter is open until 7 PM tonight and adoption fees are waived. Please come out and adopt.

You can reach the shelter by calling: 281-342-1512

Identification number for this young dog is A018266

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Just a sloth, and a teddy bear

Abandoned foal’s cuddly friend



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  1. https://actforanimals.org/sponsor/

    You should do a story on these people (link posted above). They are not a legal charity in Taiwan. The last 450 animals they collected in one place in Taiwan, they just walked away and dumped. That was the 3rd time they’ve done this. They are brilliant marketeers who have zero concern for the long-term well-being of the animals they “rescue.” Once the glory has been had from posting the heart-warming ‘rescue’ videos and money has been collected, they are not interested in what happens to that animal long-term. The public needs to know not to support them. They are currently advertising on facebook.

    • Ann call the shelter 281 342-1512 and let them know you will take this poor little dog. All pups chew. He just had an inexperienced foster. Thats not a reason for him to be killed in the shelter.

  2. Guess we should give up babies because THEY chew! Ann, please help if you can. There probably isn’t much time! This precious dog is only a number and doesn’t even have a name!


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