Officer rescues stuck critter

Officer rescues critter stuck in post at a dog park

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A wild critter, stuck in a post at a Shorewood, Illinois, dog park, got a helping hand from an officer who was alerted to the concerning situation. According to the Forest Preserve District of Will County, visitors at the Hammel Woods Dog Park noticed that something was amiss at the bottom of one of the pavilion posts.

Visitor Richard Moravek was alerted to the stuck animal by his dog, Chloe. Moravek said:

“My dog smelled it right away. She’s the sniffer. So we kept the other dogs away, and we knew it was some kind of animal that was stuck. Then I saw the tail and I knew it was an opossum.”

Forest Preserve police Officer Mike Reilly to the rescue…using his hands, and a police stick, Officer Reilly was able to wiggle the possum out of the post. It took several minutes, but finally – sweet freedom.

In typical possum fashion, the stressful situation resulted in a classic possum move. Officer Reilly said:

“He played possum. He laid down as if he were dead. That’s what they do. But I think he’s doing OK.”

The opossum was relocated to another area and the hole in the post was temporarily fixed in order to keep other curious critters out.

Opossum Rescue at Hammel Woods

The scene played out like this today at Hammel Woods:1. Opossum gets itself in tight spot. 2. Forest Preserve police rescue opossum.3. Opossum plays possum.The full story:

Posted by Forest Preserve District of Will County on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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  1. susispot says:

    I’m confident if the officer checked back in 15 or 20 mins he was gone. I’ve seen one in action. God bless the kind officer that did the right thing letting him go.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Big THANK YOU to both Richard Moravek and Officer Mike Reilly for their compassion and kindness to this little opossum who would have surely died if not for their intervention. You gentlemen save a life. Standing ovation to both of you!


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