Abandoned and left in the rain: ‘We will save him’

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Early Thursday morning, a volunteer from The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger” were informed about a seriously injured dog left on the side of the road in Fort Worth, Texas. With the help of a compassionate Fort Worth marshal, the rescue worker was able to carry the dog to her truck.


“I will not leave him or let him suffer ! HES STILL ALIVE!” has been posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “We will do everything in our power to save him.”

Apparently the dog was hit by a vehicle. No one stopped? No one cared?

Check out the video how this poor soul was left alone in the rain:

The dog, now named Marshall, is currently at the Burleson Animal Hospital. He is currently on intravenous fluids and pain medications.  To make a donation, please call 817.900.2000 and refer to Judy.


This is a developing story; more details as they are made available.

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  1. The cruelty in this world is unbelievable. It makes me wonder how these people got so mean? Thank God for the kind souls who are ending the suffering of these animals as they save them.

  2. It’s disgusting how someone could hit a dog with his/her car and not stop and help the injured dog. Thank you for saving Marshal and praying for his recovery.

  3. Nice to know there are people in Texas who really care about animals – HUGE THANK YOU to the kind lady and caring Fort Worth Marshal who stepped up and rescued this poor injured dog who was hit by a car by some hunk of sewer slime and left on the road to die – BUT these two good Samaritans would not let that happen – they stopped and helped the dog, now named Marshall, and rushed him to a veterinarian hospital where he is getting the medical attention he desperately needs. Hopefully, Marshall will make a full recovery and get a safe loving home – and hopefully, the dirt bag who hit him and left him gets a massive dose of street justice.

  4. The very least the driver could have done was call an animal rescue and have someone pick the dog up. What scums those people are to see an animal injured on the side of the road and do nothing.

  5. I hope this sweet pup makes a complete recovery. WTF is wrong with people? Not just the POS who hit him but how many others drove past and just ignored him????

  6. Hugs and more for the rescue lady, the Fort Worth Marshall and the innocent dog Named Marshall. The vets that are caring for Marshall are getting big hugs too. How kind they are. Hope that poor baby heals and gets a great home. Please keep us posted as to Marshall recovery.

  7. Prayers for the sweetheart ….. how he had to be suffering in the rain, in pain, by all that traffic. Please dear God, relieve this babies pain, help him heal and to find a loving, compassionate forever home.

  8. How can someone hit a dog and drive away and not stop? Shame on them. Bless this organization for helping Marshal, I hope to hear updates on how he is doing.

  9. I wish we saw more stories of the kindness of strangers to God’s beloved critters. Too much hate, ugliness, cruelty and abuse in the headlines. This is a very touching and heartwarming story. I hope the dog is blessed with a second chance.


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