Mencha rescued: Even when everyone else turned their heads away

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Mencha – a young German shepherd mixed breed had already been scheduled to be euthanized on Tuesday afternoon. Everyone turned their heads away; her medical situation was beyond critical. Not only did she have a prolapsed rectum, Mencha’s uterus was outside of her body. Who could have tortured this dog? And to add to Mencha’s plight, veterinarians had indicated this condition just didn’t happen overnight. This poor girl has been suffering for an unknown amount of time.

On Tuesday, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC intervened and saved her life. She has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian where she will undergo surgery.

“Her situation is life or death,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue, wrote on their Facebook page when posting photos and video of the sweet dog. “She’s a sweet girl who’s seen the worst of humans. This did not happen overnight and Mencha has been suffering for a while.”

Check out Mencha’s video:


Donations are needed to help with Mencha’s expensive surgery and care. Please help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC save more of the most difficult cases.

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  1. More will show up in this same condition IF the authorities don’t take a serious stance on THIS SEXUAL ABUSE of a gentle animal … The INDIVIDUAL that did this IS BEYOND REDEMPTION and NEEDS to be HELD accountable !!! I see that no town or state was noted where this poor girl was found…

  2. This is so evil . These people have no heart; no soul.
    Poor sweet baby. I pray for healing and a great wonderful forever safe home for you.

  3. There are some so called ‘humans’ who should never be allowed to breathe air again – this being a prime example of a hunk of filth who horribly sexually abused a defenseless animal for their own sicko pleasure. I hope whoever did this to Mencha gets their just rewards – a crippling illness, a fatal painful disease, mugged in an alley and left to die, beaten to death, etc. – as long as its fatal I don’t care, and may it be a long lasting, painful and may they suffer horribly – they deserve no less.

    • I agree 100%. Whoever did this to this precious dog needs to suffer horribly and for a long time before they finally die.

  4. RDR of NYC are the BEST!! Police, do your job and find the scum who did this to this dog. This is sexual abuse by the subhuman and needs to be castrated without any meds and thrown in jail so the inmates can take care of him the way he should be.

  5. The sick prick that did this … needs to be tortured. And “NO” … don’t want them to have a quick death. It needs to be PAINFUL & SLOW!!!!
    Actually they need to have the crap kicked out of them .. stuck in a prison. Declare OPEN SEASON on the PERV!!!!! They can GET the same treatment on them that they did to this dog. Prayers for Mencha!!!!!


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