Mountain lion wanders into Colorado home and eats family cat

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In Boulder, Colorado, on Thursday evening a mountain lion padded into the living room of a home two women shared and ate the family cat. It is believed the cat entered through a screen in an open window.

According to NbcNews, Kayla Slaughter stated her roommate came home to the mountain lion lounging on the couch. The cat looked at the woman and licked its lips – the roommate ran away and called police.

“I do have a picture of the mountain lion playing on the couch,” Kayla stated. “It looks like it’s watching TV.”

It was just after that the women discovered the blood from their missing cat Klondike the mountain lion had obviously eaten.

When police arrived, they shot beanbags at the windows trying to scare the cat out of the home. It took hours before the big cat decided to leave, and  she casually walked out of the front door, down the street and back into the woods.

It’s likely Kayla will never forget to lock windows and doors again. Rest in peace Klondike.

(Photo of mountain lion via screenshot via video)

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