Investigation launched after 2 teens drag heat-exhausted pony on road

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In Clonmel, in  the county town of County Tipperary, Ireland, authorities are investigating a disturbing viral video posted on Facebook Wednesday afternoon that showed an exhausted Shetland pony being dragged down a country road.

According to the The Sun, the footage posted by witness Aneta Kopec, at the scene of the apparent animal cruelty situation, showed the small pony collapsing as it had been towing a cart carrying two teens. The two kids released the pony from its cart, but tried over and over again to get the heat-exhausted animal back on its feet. When the pony collapsed again, a third person grabbed the pony by the tail to lift him up.

“i hope the poor pony is dead now, this way it will never suffer again and can run free behind the rainbow bridge,” Aneta wrote below the video she posted.

When the woman confronted the teens, they threw large stones at her and her 11-month-old baby in her vehicle. She then called the authorities.

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) is investigating and has renewed its call for regulation of all horse-drawn vehicles used on public roads.

“The pony was under serious pressure going up the hill, they should have gotten off the cart and helped the horse rather than driven it into the ground,” County Council Pat English stated.

The police are appealing for witnesses to this terrible incident.

As for the pony’s condition, the Deise Animal Sanctuary reported the pony has not been seized from the owner.

went out last night at eleven o clock to see the pony which was a fallebella it was on his feet and checked the pony for cuts , bollocked the lads for the state of the way they treated the pony , offered to take the pony away but was declined,, garda had also attended and checked the pony themselves,cruelty will keep on going while there is no law to stop it.and before anyone comments on what do i know about the pony, i was head of trading standards in south wales for animals health and welfare qualifications are real.pat.”

Warning – very disturbing; the video can be viewed here or here.

(Photos and video of  exhausted pony that collapsed via The Sun, and Facebook)

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13 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    IRISH BASTARDS!!!! MEAN AND EVIL, :: These two lazy Putrid Pricks will be wife beaters, animals abusers, drinkers, and cheaters,:::: and their father will be proud of them… How could these Teens sit and allow and enjoy a tiny pony almost die for exhaustion pull Their Lazy Asses up a HILL is beyond me… I am 1/3 Irish myself BUT Irish OR NOT I have the Guts to Speak up to this asshole father and his less than human son’s My Grandfather and his Father were also very caring Catholic Irish Gentleman , coal miner and railroader and loved their animals, and family too!!!!!

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Please let us know the follow-up on this precious little pony and the angels that tried and are still attempting a rescue.

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Those asshole teens need to put the pony in the cart and then have them drag the cart and pony up the hill. Assholes.

  4. JEANETTE says:

    all over this world there are people who are cruel and evil. if you treat a dumb that way, then how about a person if they piss you off?????
    what is to be investigated, there idiots are there on camera. put them in jail and take the horse away from owner.

  5. Theresa says:

    Fucking dirtbags should make them wear a 200 pound weight on their back and make them run up and down a hill until They collapsing and die fucking scams

  6. J. Martin says:

    Both POS teens .. need to get their asses beaten and dragged behind something. See if they like it.
    These 2 PUNKS who threw rocks at the woman and her baby who were trying to help
    the pony.

  7. Red says:

    I hope these little jerks are found and punished somehow…..their parents should be made to pay somehow also!!

  8. Pamela Garlisch says:

    These people will keep on doing this, they have no regard for a life. Shame on the people that could prosecute them but don’t.



  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    These two punks should be hitched to a damn carriage and run until they both drop from exhaustion – then grabbed by their legs and dragged until they are both dead – let the punishment fit the crime – two wastes who will continue their cruelty and this being Ireland NOTHING will be done – they killed this poor Shetland pony because they could and did not care – Thank you to the woman who stepped up, filmed and turned them in – at least someone cared about this poor animal.


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