‘Court visitor’ left dog in car for 5 hrs – jailed after dog found dead

court visitor jailed after dog died in hot car
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A court visitor at the Gwinnett County jail was arrested and jailed after her dog was discovered dead inside of her hot car on Wednesday evening. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it was in the 80s on the day that 46-year-old Connie Wright Gomez decided to leave her Rottweiler, Rambo, inside of the car while she spent five hours at the jail.

The horrific discovery

A deputy went to check on Rambo after Gomez was overheard mentioning that she left her dog in the car. By the time that someone found Rambo, it was too late – he was dead. Gomez had only left the windows cracked an inch and Rambo was inside of the parked car for five agonizing hours.

The outcome

Rambo’s death resulted in Gomez being arrested and jailed – she is being held on a $16,700 bond. Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway commented on the horrific situation, “I hope this poor dog’s horrific death reminds pet owners to make responsible choices for their pets.”

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  1. What a stupid thing to do to her dog on a hot day. Terminate her employment and send her to jail for a felony causing death. There is NO EXCUSE for the dog’s death.

  2. This ugly bitch looks like she is drugged up it is a wonder why she left the poor dog. She should have left herself in the car with the windows up. It is sickening when assholes like this have animals when they are the scum of the earth and can’t take care of their ugly ass self. I hope somebody beats the shit out of her in jail. Rot and die bitch.

  3. She should receive a life sentence. In any case, I hope it will be unbearably hot in jail and/or wherever else she may be heading …

  4. People don’t realize how hot the car will get even with the windows open a bit. Let people sit in that same car with the amount of air they left their dog. I bet they would realize the heat that is in a car when it is closed. Even hotter than outside.Summer hasn’t even started and these cretins are starting in again. RIP doggie. Your owner did not care about you.

  5. Well ANOTHER (ETHNIC) of “whose life matter’s” Oh Excuse Me Surly NOT HER Poor DOG that Suffered Not only a needless , but a terrible, painful, fighting, prolonged DEATH!!! Get it … Probably NOT because this doped up “WALKING DEAD ZOMBIE ” should have been the ONE locked in the 140 degree vehicle INSTEAD of that POOR ANIMAL!!!!

  6. You fuckin cunt! Obviously you can’t read,as it’s been in the papers DO NOT LEAVE your dogs or children in a hot car!!!!!!I’d love to wipe that fuckin smirk off your ugly face with a 2 x 4!!!! Ugly bitch!!!!

  7. Another sub human allowed to have a pet. Should have made her sit in the car with the windows cracked an inch for five hours. Seems like that is the ONLY way they will get the message to leave their dogs home.

  8. This crackhead needs to be hogtied and dumped in a trash compactor – what a useless witch this ugly cunt is – she proved she is a useless waste of space and I would gladly eliminate her from this world in a heartbeat. Five hours in a hot car is MURDER – and she is guilty of killing Rambo because she has the damn brains of a doorknob.

  9. This useless excuse of a woman….and human….deserves to be tortured herself. Lock this bag of skin in a cell with an animal lover and tell the what she did.

  10. Wonder if this is how she takes care of a dog anyone check to see if she had kids. Most likely they have already been taken. Stupid bitch


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