DNA tests ordered on wolf-like animal

DNA tests ordered after rancher kills strange ‘wolf-like’ animal

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DNA tests have been ordered on a strange “wolf-like” animal which was killed by a rancher this month outside of Denton, Montana. According to multiple outlets, the animal has many characteristics of a wolf, but enough oddities to stump experts.

Strange physical attributes found on dead animal

As reported by Great Falls Tribune, the animal who was killed has ears which are larger than a typical wolf, but legs which are too short. Bruce Auchly, information manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, stated, “We have no idea what this was until we get a DNA report back. It was near a rancher’s place, it was shot, and our game wardens went to investigate. The whole animal was sent to our lab in Bozeman. That’s the last I ever heard of it.”

Speculation about the wolf-like creature

There is a great deal of speculation about what this animal truly is. Ideas range from a prehistoric wolf (Dire wolf), to the outlandish claims of a werewolf, to the most likely idea…a wolf/dog hybrid. Some have suggested that the wolf-like animal is an emaciated bear, but the long tail makes the theory unlikely.

Though the wolf-like animal had not killed any livestock, officials have stated that the rancher was “well within his rights” to kill her because of the proximity to a pasture with livestock. Until the DNA results come back (which may take weeks) it will remain a mystery as to what this animal truly is.

(Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks images)

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12 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    It’s a dog, more a herding breed of dog than anything else, which unfortunately has a naturally dark coat. (Part German Shepherd maybe?)

    If I’m right, and I’m 99.99 % certain I am, that bastard should be charged with animal cruelty no matter WHERE the dog was. Since he never touched his precious livestock (further proof it was no wolf), he was NOT within his rights, but was a typical hysterical animal hating rancher who shoots anything he feels like it regardless.

    • purplesuiter says:

      Would you be willing to pay the rancher the money he is out from each cow that is killed?

      It is a long held rule for both ranchers and farmers since it is THEIR livelihood which is at state to protect their property, that they are well within their legal rights to shoot any predatory animal on their land. The rule goes back centuries.

      Dollars to donuts you are a CITY SLICKER who actually believes that you get milk from the store.

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    “Though the wolf-like animal had not killed any livestock, officials have stated that the rancher was “well within his rights” to kill her because of the proximity to a pasture with livestock.”

    What utter BULLSH*T!

    Isn’t it bad enough that our species is “armed to the teeth”, and bent on shooting EACH OTHER – often, merely “because of proximity” – that we have to extend these atrocities to wildlife whose claim to this land predates ours by many millennia, and whose existence we continue to infringe upon and decimate with our insatiable lust for “more” – more space, more land, more power, more NEED TO KILL???

    “Man-kind”: the quintessential oxymoron, if ever there was!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Rancher’s motto “kill first, ask questions later”. Could have very well been a dog especially if no livestock were killed but easier to do what this idiot did than to double check. Need to be better laws to protect all animals from gun happy ranchers.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    “Well within his rights’ is nothing more than bullshit – this is most likely a dog, and this frigging rancher just decided he could kill it even though it did nothing wrong – these so called ‘officials’ need to get their heads out of the sand and stop bending over for ranchers/farmers who think they are the superior beings – they keep infringing on animal habitats and hunting grounds – and kill whatever they want anytime they want. This animal had every right to live just like this rancher – did not touch his precious livestock and ended up dead for no reason whatsoever. Mankind is anything BUT kind.

  5. Pamela Bolton says:

    Oh by all means, it was in proximity to his cattle. Let’s kill it! I would have much rather to have seen this wolf than a bunch of cows. Am sick of all the wildlife killed because of COWS. Once again it is proof that “HUMANS” are the biggest disease on this planet.

  6. Jan Barnes says:

    Yes, this is what we do! Kill what we don’t understand! No wonder we have so many cold and feelingless morons running around!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    It looks more dog than wolf to me, just a case of a gun happy rancher who had a gun and wanted to kill something. Poor animal was in the wrong place at the right time! I will be interested to see what the DNA report says, if we indeed ever hear.


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