Family’s dog stolen from home, tortured and dumped on road

Family dog stolen, tortured and dumped
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A family’s senior dog was stolen from a residence in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania, tortured and then dumped along a road miles away. According to PennLive, the nine-year-old Boston terrier mix suffered severe injuries which proved to be fatal.

What happened?

The senior dog, named Bella, was taken from her home on Friday while her family was away. Later, the grievously wounded dog, suffering from multiple stab wounds and a slit throat, was found on the 300 block of Rupp Road; someone in the area reported seeing the dog being left by a male. Bella was taken to a veterinarian for care, but her injuries were too severe for her to be saved.

Information needed

Bella’s family wants to know who is behind the reprehensible crime. Her owner, Carolyn Dymond, told the news agency, “I just need to know who did this to her. She was left there to die.” Adding, “I just don’t know who would have done this to her.”

The authorities are hoping to find and charge whoever is responsible. Information about this animal cruelty case should be called in to the Swatara Township police at 717-558-6900.

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  1. in this day, you cannot leave pets in yards without being home and overseeing your doggie or cat, this happens, a word of being mindful, caution.

      • I don’t think she was calling them out. Instead I read it to be a cautionary statement in general- to all of us animal lovers♡

  2. I hope these savage maggots are caught and executed. Lawmakers are not getting a clue that we need to get tougher on crime and stop this nonsense of feeding, housing, and clothing criminals. They deserve nothing once they cross the line and do criminal acts. They cease to be human beings and don’t deserve anything. They knew what they were doing and they gave up their rights. Fuck em. They don’t qualify as human beings because they know nothing about being human. My patience is at an end. Our justice system???? The only ones given justice are the criminals, who we coddle, cater to and slap-on-the-wrist. Meanwhile the victims and their lived ones are left to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

    • I totally agree with everything you said. Enough is enough and something must change now, and we can call these so-called politicians and demand that they have stricter laws for those who abuse animals and even kill them.Sentencing should be swift, not months after the criminal has been arrested. They certainly didn’t give their victim a lot of time, why do they deserve to watch until the justice system has a court date for them. Speedy trial if there is one, and speedy sentencing for these vile, evil monsters that torture and kill these precious animals.

  3. ok how did this family go on vacation and not make arrangements for their dog? WTF is that all about? Because of the family’s neglect, the poor animal suffered so badly. UGHHHHHHH

    • The article only says they were “away.” They may have been away from the house shopping, or at work, etc.

      It seems that, more and more, pets are not safe at home alone. But I remember a case from even many years ago where someone broke in and killed the family cats.

  4. OMG, why don’t you read the linked story this is based on before you ASSUME that the family went on vacation and left the dog all alone, since that is NOT what happened??????

    There was someone there when it happened, only the person home assumed the son’s friend there to pick him up! It was only a little later that she realized the dog was gone.

    NO, I would never leave my own dogs alone outside, but you owe these people an apology for jumping to the wrong conclusion and blaming them for something they did NOT do.

    Jumping to the wrong conclusions when all you have to do is read the linked story is sheer laziness.


  5. OMG: I am absolutely sick over this poor precious little treasure being murdered…..
    Precious little Bella, your life mattered and you deserve justice!!! RIP precious treasure……. Your life was stolen from you….. You didn’t deserve to be tortured and murdered…… You should have grown older (loved and been loved) and continued to be a beloved family member……. please look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans……..

    Find, prosecute & lock up the useless POS’s who murdered this precious little treasure and lose the keys……… They should only leave prison in a pine box……..

    The POS’s who murdered this precious little treasure will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…… here’s hoping that they get there ASAP (after dying a horrible death alone, afraid, in agony & (worst of all) unloved)……

  6. Once again, I’m for the death penalty! Also, I totally agree that neighbors should be seriously on the alert! In fact, this is a tragic reminder that it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for animals that may be in trouble!

  7. This poor woman went to work and Bella was inside the house and somehow got out? Her ex-husband and girlfriend went out looking for her and this is all explained in the above video. Why would someone stab this beautiful little dog and slit her throat? Someone in the neighborhood must have seen something or someone taking Bella because I suspect this was done away from the home and that is why she was dumped on the road. There are psychopaths all around us and could easily be kids who are bored and nothing to do so lets torture and kill an innocent dog. I hope and pray that whoever did this is found and made to suffer the worst pain they could possibly have. Stricter laws for dog deaths need to be made into law to protect our babies. My heart goes out to this woman and her family.

  8. I wonder if it’s someone in her ex’s girlfriend’s family or the girlfriend herself, or some other associate of theirs. Seems the person had easy access and knowledge of their comings/goings. I hope this murder is being treated as such because that is what this monster is…a sadistic murderer. This person(s) will do a helpless person the same way someday, and then more, until caught. Why wait till then? Will authorities be foolish enough to sweep this under the rug as usual because dear Bella “was only an animal,” or will people finally wise up to what ALL animal abuse/killing is, despite what people have deemed legal and acceptable, even desirable (as in meat production, etc.)? I’d say to this sweet dog if I could, “Rest in peace, Bella, millions of human beings love you and are so very, very sorry for ‘our species.'”


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