Lansing veterinarian dumps owner’s dead dog on their driveway

In a shocking home surveillance video, a devastated family is trying to deal with the death of their one-and-a-half-year-old dog after a Lansing, Michigan veterinarian dumped the dog’s body on their driveway.

According to WlnsNews, the owners of the dog, who wish to remain anonymous on media reports, had taken their young pit bull named Moose to the Riverfront Animal Hospital after the dog had been repeatedly vomiting and listless. The veterinarian prescribed medicine for Moose and asked the family to report back to him the next day about their dog’s condition, but Moose was not getting any better, and in fact seemed worse.

The vet originally treating Moose suggested the family get in touch with Comprehensive Animal Hospital, and when they did, Dr. Bola Agbona stated he was going to administer intravenous fluids for the dehydrated dog. The family states Dr. Agbona told them to leave and he would be in touch with them later that day, however there was no word.

The following day was utterly devastating:

“He (Moose) was in the driveway … in a bag. It’s completely strange that the first vet he was fine and then he gets there, we leave and all of a sudden he’s gone,” stated the dog’s owner.

Dr. Agbona has a different version of what happened and explained the family could not afford medical care and the dog died while the family was standing in the lobby. He said the family drove away and he wasn’t sure what to do with the dog’s body, and tried to call the family. When no one answered, he took the dog to the family’s home and left the dog’s body in the driveway. It was Dr. Agbona’s way of “helping the family out” he stated.

There has been a complaint filed which will be forwarded to the Lansing veterinarian board to determine what will happen next.

You can read the comments on the Facebook page of the Comprehensive Animal Hospital here. What do you think?

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(Photo of Lansing vet incident via WlnsNews video screen grab)

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10 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    What the hell kind of none is agbona????? Is it some fuckin idiot from a country who doesn’t respect animals???? Of course the maggot had a different version of what happened. Howrver, even if his version was accurate he could have called Animal Control and they would have taken the body. I’m not buying what that asshole maggots said. A vet????? I’m so sure. NOT.

  2. Cathy says:

    Dr. Agbona is lying out his ass. His story doesn’t jive with the family’s version at all and makes no sense. Why would the family seek out two different veterinarians if they “couldn’t afford “ the medical bill. At minimum the Veterinary Board will make note in his file. I would encourage the family to seek outside counsel of some sort to determine if it’s worth the emotional toll to pursue involving law enforcement or a civil action.
    My heart goes out to the family for their terrible loss.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hope this gets straightened out and someone is not telling the truth. Could be both parties? Need more information. Sad that dog died due to wrong diagnosis, possibly?

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I guess we have to decided who is telling the truth here. Did this Vet not treat the dog because they didn’t have money? Did they indeed just leave the dog there to die and become unavailable? Or did the Vet let the dog die and then dump the dog in the owner’s drive way as they say he did. Bottom line however, a Vet that will put a family’s dead dog in a bag and dump it in their driveway is lacking some humanity. How is this “helping the family out”? I hope they get to the bottom of this. I don’t think I would be taking any of my pets to Comprehensive Animal Hospital even if his story is the truthful one. If his story is true, he wouldn’t treat the dog because they didn’t have any money (seems untrue since they had already taken the dog to another vet) and then callously dumped their dead pet in their driveway when supposedly he couldn’t get a hold of them. Rest in peace Moose, I hope you are in a better place.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I went on the Comprehensive Animal Hospital Facebook page and someone had posted the surveillance video of the moron dumping the dog. He actually got out of his car carried the dog to the driveway and THREW the dog down like so much trash! A picture is worth a thousand words ( a video in this case ) I have to side with the dog owners on this one, the Vet is a moron and needs to lose his license!

  5. Luana Duncan says:

    WTF?? Someone isn’t telling the whole story here. But I do know if my vet discarded my dog’s body on my driveway their would b legal actions taken!

  6. Jan Barnes says:

    Liars and lies! If there is someone able to tell the truth, please speak up!
    Sorry, dear Moose! Somebody really screwed up big time! Investigate this to the max!

  7. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very sorry for the family’s loss. I think there is much more to this story though…..

    I do think, that no matter the other details, it was very unprofessional for the vet to simply drop off the deceased dog at the family’s home…….

    I think a much better way to have dealt with this sad situation would have been for the vet to keep the deceased pet in the office morgue, contact the family and ask them what they would prefer done for their deceased pet……

  8. Bev Woodburn says:

    The evil and vile Vet monster Dr. Agbona must be sacked from his position and his Vet Licence thrown to the shit house as a Vet and kicked out. What ever the story is this Vet should have shown respect and compassion for this precious dog named Moose and his beloved family and not just dumped in the drive way. What a heartless and callous evil thing to do to this precious and innocent dog named Moose and his family. There is no excuse for his sadism and evilness.


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