Florida man sets fire to trapped raccoon for eating his mangoes

In Palm Bay, Florida an 88-year-old man has been accused of setting fire to a trapped raccoon because the animal had eaten his mangoes.

According to the Miami Herald, Ezra James threw gasoline on the raccoon and set it on fire Saturday. James told authorities he was also afraid the raccoon could have bitten him and given him rabies. A neighbor called 911 as the trapped raccoon burned alive  in a metal cage. Police officers shot the animal when they arrived stating the raccoon had been suffering and to end its misery. Neighbors are very angry with James, who originally comes from Jamaica, and stated he never thought about killing anything before this happened.

Raccoons are classified as nuisance animals in Florida and can be trapped, released or humanely euthanized.

James has been charged with animal cruelty resulting in the death of an animal and was released from jail after posting a $2,000 bond.

Read more news on the National Pet Rescue page here.

(Photos of trapped raccoon via Pixabay)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Nuisance animals they call them? Well, depending on your definition of what “nuisance” is, we could say that about some people. Does that mean you kill them?The man is an idiot and although the police had to humanely end this raccoon from suffering any longer, hope this stupid man has learned to call police first and not do this to another animal again for eating his mangoes. I can bet his neighbors are disgusted with him. The animal could have been released into the woods far away from his precious mangoes.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Exactly! Looks like an excuse to abuse an animal. If children ran across his yard or ate his mangoes would he set them in fire?! IMO he deserves the same treatment!

  2. Marianne says:

    All the raccoons that visit us are sweet and friendly. I absolutely detest that useless old geezer. Causing such pain over a mango. I really hope Hell’s fire will burn that asshole for eternity…while the raccoon watches from Heaven.

  3. Pet Protection says:

    This is a monster who only wants to mind his business and be left alone! This piece of ——– wouldn’t leave this harmless animal alone! We know what this ———- should do with his fruit? Time for old smokey!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I wish I could take this POS’s mangoes and shove em where the sun don’t shine! If he trapped the poor raccoon, why didn’t he just call the police or animal control to dispose of it! Disgusting!


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