Horribly emaciated mare actually saddled and ridden through Mize auction

Auction attendees were shocked to see a horribly emaciated mare at the Mize Livestock Sale in Mississippi on Saturday evening.  The bidding opened at $75 – then went down to $55 and $35, but still no bids.

“She received no bids. None. No one spoke to save her!,” wrote the Rocking R Ranch and Rescue who stepped up to help.

The rescue was sent the disturbing photos of the mare, but the situation grew worse as the emaciated mare was to be ridden through the auction hoping someone would purchase her.

“As they placed the pad on her bony spine, we were sent another picture,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page. “Finally, yes we received the picture that was was being ridden. She’s the most emaciated I’ve seen; she has an old injury to her hind leg and it’s not great. They rode her through.”

When the auction told rescue volunteers a man had planned to leave her in a pasture. Of course, the horse never would have survived, and the gentlemen told the rescuers they could have the mare; she took her freedom walk. Just hours later, safe and still on her feet, Helena (as she was named) was ready for breakfast.

Helena’s vet check came out much better than expected. She is slightly anemic, her temperature is normal, her lungs are clear, and although she has a heart murmur which likely is a result of starvation, she has a strong will to live. After she gains 100 pounds, her teeth will be floated. Now she is being supplemented with thiamine and B12.

“Overall I think we got a great report! Jennifer has treated her skin with equiderma and I’ll bet she feels much better. Thank y’all for following her progress. She’s gonna shine.”

Barely one day after Helena was rescued, her sweet personality has started to show. Check it out:

Her personality is starting to show ❤️#Helena Rocking R Ranch and Rescue, Inc.

Posted by Rocking R Ranch and Rescue, Inc. on Sunday, August 19, 2018

Follow Helena’s progress here.

To help with Helena’s veterinarian care, donations can be made here.

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