Emotional video captures ‘Timber’ the cat’s survival after Camp Fire

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In Paradise, California, one month after the state’s worst fire in Northern California, the family cat, Timber, returned home. Courtney Werblow told her story on Facebook: one of hope and the miracle she witnessed.

“NEVER LOSE HOPE! One month today since the fire, we received an escort to my parents property & my cat Timber was discovered!! She’s alive. Praise God!!”

Courtney and her cat Timber had been living with her parents  when the Camp Fire swept through the entire area of Paradise. The fire destroyed her parents home, their own home and a small family business. Somehow, Timber survived the fire.

Check out the emotional video as Timber is spotted:

The video shows Timber slowly walking towards her family amidst the burned out ruins of Courtney’s parents’ home – quite hesitant at first.

“You made it!. You look so good. We’re right here. We are here for you,” Kimberly is heard as the cat approaches and begins to eat from a bowl of dry cat food.

“On December 8th, 2018, exactly one month after the Camp Fire swept through our entire community of Paradise, CA, we found hope,” Courtney wrote on her Facebook page. “With no home left, Timber (our family cat) came running to us. After so much loss, this is a testimony of endurance, strength and love. She is an amazing family cat and we are so happy to have her back into our arms – especially for our 6 year old Ellie.”

The video has been viewed more than 573,000 times and shared 12,000 times.

Be sure to watch the video and note the buck wandering in the background; Mother Nature helping to bring back life to a devastated piece of our planet.

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    One beautiful living loved one Walking out of the devastation To Reunite with it’s Human Loved One and Caretaker!!!! How inspiring to See!! the Joy and happiness in finding this little Cat Alive!!! After all these people lost!!! Awesome !!!


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