Dog with huge tumor surrendered to Texas shelter – needs rescue today

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Update: Princess has been rescued by Vet Ranch!!

A dog with a huge tumor was surrendered to an animal control agency in Texas and she has to be rescued today. The four-year-old dog is named Princess and because of her medical situation, she must be picked up by a rescue agency.

Time is of the essence

Time is not on this dog’s side – she must be rescued at 11 a.m. or she will be euthanized. Princess didn’t ask to be put in this situation…she didn’t ask for owners who would neglect the massive tumor growing on her body, and she didn’t ask to be handed over to an animal control agency. However, is she could ask for anything right now, she would certainly ask for a chance…for someone to help her, even though nobody has ever helped her before.

What can you do?

It may seem hopeless at this point, but until 11 a.m. is here, hope remains. By networking rescue information for Princess, you give her visibility. By giving her visibility, you give her a chance. Please share this article and hope that it reaches the right rescue agency with the capability to give this neglected dog a chance to live.

Contact information

Rescue agencies interested in helping, please contact:

Loralei Melend, [email protected], or [email protected], or [email protected]

Location: City of Mesquite Animal Control (Texas)

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  1. HORRIFIC !!!! the person that allowed this tumor to reach this point should be !COYOTE FODDER !!!! Not much hope for her Unless the DOGS ROCK NEW YORK Comes to her rescue… THIS IS NOTHING SHORT of SICKENING !!! I won’t even Bash Texas Today as anyone who see’s this already knows What Texas IS when it comes to Caring for their Companion Animal Population!!

    • Thank you Pamela for the update – Hope she fully recovers and gets the safe loving home she never had. This lousy owner should be held responsible for her medical care and prosecuted for animal neglect.

  2. Thank God she was rescued by Vet Ranch. Hopefully they will be able to deal with this growth and get her back to normal in a short time. Just despicable that someone left her like this. Before it got to this point, she could have easily been brought to a shelter and just say you found her like this and they would have taken her. Why wait for this growth to get so huge. Please keep us informed as to what happens to Princess.

  3. Thank you Vet Ranch! How were her owners not arrested for felony animal cruelty on the site of this kill shelter?


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