Horrifying discovery - starving dog found at neighbor's home

Couple horrified to find neighbor’s skeletal dog near death inside of home

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A couple in Braintree, Massachusetts, recently made a horrifying discovery inside of their neighbor’s home. Suzanne Rayberg and her husband were concerned because they had not seen Brandy, an American bulldog, outside for months…her owner had disappeared inside of his home as well.

The troublesome signs

In a fundraiser, Rayberg explained why she was concerned about her neighbor’s dog:

In the last few months we noticed we were not seeing Brandy outside anymore and we were concerned. We  had always been close to Brandy, visiting often and babysitting whenever necessary, last year my best friend and I even stayed with her for over six weeks when the owner was hospitalized. Recently I made calls, texts and attempted visits, but all to no avail. Neither Brandy nor her owner seemed to be leaving the house. I would occasionally get a response to a text ,but nothing helpful.

The shocking discovery next door

A few days ago, Rayberg was unable to sit and wonder what was going on next door anymore, so she went to her neighbor’s house and knocked on the door. What she saw inside shocked her; she wrote:

“She (Brandy) ran up to us immediately when we entered the house. It was so shocking that I lost my breath. How she was living is beyond explanation. We kept it cool and calm, but we were dying inside seeing her health and living conditions. We could barely breath.”

The once healthy dog was skeletal – nothing more than skin and bones was left of her beautiful body. The couple asked Brandy’s owner if they could take care of her and he agreed. They proceeded to rush Brandy to VCA South Shore in Weymouth – a veterinarian has confirmed that Brandy’s dismal condition is the result of starvation.

Helping Brandy

Thousands of dollars have been donated for Brandy’s ongoing veterinary care and when she is healthy enough, she will be going to live with her most recent owner’s ex-wife (who lives thousands of miles away). The man who was most recently in charge of Brandy was also in a poor state of health – physically and emotionally. According to WCVB News, Rayberg phoned the authorities for help and the man was observed being loaded into an ambulance and taken away from his home.

Find the fundraiser for Brandy’s veterinary care here.

Starving dog rescued from 'sad situation' by neighbors

Absolutely awful. Neighbors noticed they weren't seeing the friendly next-door dog like they normally do. Two months later, they made a horrifying discovery. http://bit.ly/2yI0zcr

Posted by WYFF News 4 on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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11 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS IS NOTHING BEYOND TRAGIC for both this Lovely Dog that has gone thru Hell on Earth from starvation D/T an apparent/ possible emotional/ mental/ medical crisis of HER CARETAKER… It is too bad that instead of just calling, texting that these individuals didn’t make the move to GO in Person Sooner, or CALL for a WELFARE CHECK for CHRIST SAKES that sure would have saved Brandy for almost certain Death and possibly the gentleman that was dire need of Professional help himself…. Holy Cow… I hope Brandy has a good home with the former woman who was married to the other individual involved!!! This is a WAKE CALL FOR ALL OF US to FOLLOW OUR GUT FEELINGS!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    How very sad this man and his dog came to be in this state. Bless his neighbors for not giving up trying to find out what was going on. They probably saved both of their lives.

  3. maxiemom says:

    It sounds like Brandy and her owner would have starved if not for the concern of their next door neighbor.

    Thank heavens for Suzanne Rayberg!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Glad neighbor stepped in before this dog died. Sad when an owner has their own mental and physical problems, and basically forgets about taking care of the dog. Glad the dog will be taken by the ex-wife and hope she can provide the care and love this devoted dog needs. Thanks to Suzanne Rayberg and her husband for saving Brandy.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU to Suzanne Rayberg – you saved Brandy’s life. I hope she recovers completely and gets the safe loving home she so well deserves.

  6. Diana Rowell says:

    Now this is how I was raised to be as a neighbor. You look out for one another, speak up when someone else or their pet cannot. Jump in and help make TOUGH decisions, help your neighbor realize where they need help, gently coaxing them to do better and be better. Sometimes, like this poor fella, it’s not a choice, yet they find it difficult to reach out for help. Be bold, stand up, knock on a door, talk to your neighbors treating them as if they’re your best friend or a family member. They WILL appreciate that treatment. Come on America, we can get back to our wonderful, HEALTHY and supportive selves if we just try a bit harder. Fight the naysayers, the evil, the toxic, the corrupt. Who does this country belong to US or the few evil, greedy maggots trying to tell us it belongs to them?


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