Puppy forced to smoke

Despicable! Laughing woman forces tiny puppy to inhale smoke

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A dreadfully cruel act was caught on video – a despicable woman can be heard laughing as she forces a tiny puppy to inhale smoke. According to the U.K. Mirror, the disgusting incident happened in Bangkok, Thailand.

The video

In the video, you can see the young tan and white puppy sleeping on his back – a woman lights a rolled up cigarette and the puppy is forced to inhale the smoke as he sleeps. When the cigarette – or joint – goes out, the woman lights it again. The puppy never opens his little eyes or makes a sound.

The backlash

Animal lovers who have viewed the video footage are justifiably outraged. There was enough backlash from the public that the local authorities investigated. It has been determined that the puppy belongs to Rattiyakorn Prangthong, who claims that her pup is healthy and wasn’t abused. The woman told the Mirror:

“We haven’t been cruel towards the dog. We have taken good care of him and he is healthy.

We are dog lovers. I understand that everybody loves animals and wants to make sure he is not hurt. I’m sorry to all the people who have dogs, too.”

Her partner, Tango, claims that they won’t try another twisted move like this in the future:

“We have to apologise and accept responsibility. We won’t do anything like this again.

The criticism has had a bad impact on everyone around us and our family. It has made us more conscious of the issue.”

Video from The Mirror U.K.

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Do people have brains and if so, do they actually use them to think clearly and not do stupid things that will harm an animal? My doubts are growing by the day and every article I read regarding abuse/cruelty to an animal reinforces my feelings. Hope if this woman keeps this pup, that she is monitored to make sure nothing bad happens to this dog again.

  2. Marianne says:

    This is one twisted fucking bitch and couple who don’t deserve to have this dog I’m disgusted and pathetic that ppl think they can use their pets as toys and sick games bad karma bitch is coming your way

  3. J. Martin says:

    I think it’d be hysterical .. to light up a whole carton of smokes and jam them down this CUNT’s throat.
    Watch her choke to death

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    I noticed the poor puppy’s left leg twitching, which could easily be a very early sign of things to come for the precious baby, who knows. It’s a pity the authorities didn’t see fit to take the dog from the owner the be rehomed with someone who would live and take care of him, though I guess in Thailand chances are he could end up as dog meat, it’s so sad to say. The owner should have been charged, even without definite proof of abuse, I doubt she’ll keep her word to not repeat this atrocity.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Exactly! Poor little guy. It was probably marijuana with thc in it. My dog was poisoned at a groomers with thc. I rushed him to the animal ER and he had a tough 48 hours. I thought he was having a TIA. I was livid when the vet said he had THC poisoning. This infuriates me to see this little puppy and he is still with his owners. I wonder if marijuana is legal in Thailand. They should have been prosecuted. I have sought legal action in my case. My dog recovered fortunately but I don’t want this to happen to another dog

  5. Pamela D says:

    I wish someone would shove that lit cigarette or whatever it is down her fucking throat. The nerve of this POS having this little puppy. It makes me sick to know how some animals are living in danger. This bitch needs her head bashed in little bastard.


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