Man accused of shoving hose down dog’s throat to teach a lesson

Man allegedly shoved hose down dog's throat
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A cruelty investigation has been instigated after a man allegedly shoved a hose down his dog’s throat to teach the dog a lesson. The horrible incident took place on Wednesday at a Richmond, Virginia, dog park reports NBC 12 News.

Witness recounts the horror

A witness, named Hayley, told the news agency that she saw a man chase after his Doberman, who ate something – as it turned out, the dog had only eaten some grass. What he did next shocked her – she told the news agency:

“When he realized it was just grass he slammed the dog to the ground by the neck, grabbed a hose and turned it on. He then proceeded to shove the turned-on hose down the dog’s throat saying, ‘This is what happens when you don’t listen to me.’”

Hayley tried to comfort the dog and alleges that the man swore at her and told her to mind her own business.

The report

The seemingly cruel incident has been reported to the local animal control agency. Richmond Animal Care and Control outreach coordinator Robin Young has stated that an investigation is open, but the agency needs more information. Young stated:

“We advise people at the park to let us know if you see him again. Take photos, videos, or even a license plate number, if safe to do, so we can investigate.”

Individuals who see a possible act of animal cruelty are encouraged to contact RACC at 804-646-5573.

(Screenshot via NBC 12)

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A survivor’s story


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  1. Glad I didn’t witness this. The hose would have been down his throat and I would have been in jail! Asswipe! Poor pup!

  2. Certainly needs investigating. Doing that can drown the poor animal if it’s left in long enough. The same can happen ith humans too, so please be very careful Hayley, best not to go to the park alone now that he knows someone’s onto him. I wonder why they blurred his face. I don’t think that should be allowed with any type of criminal – the public need to be aware of who is around, especially if they have not been apprehended.
    Thoughts and Prayers thst this beautiful dog will be removed from his owner and rehomed where he will get good nourishment and treated with love and kindness.


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