Victim of cruelty out of time and in need of help

Teeth filed away, covered in wounds and in need of rescue

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An employee at a Mesquite, Texas, animal control agency is asking for help for a dog who nearly moved her to tears…a dog so thin and covered in wounds that his case is described as utterly “heart-wrenching.” The dog is Pacino and his body tells a sad tale of abuse and neglect – he has injuries that have abscessed and teeth which are filed away. The tell tale signs on his body point to the possibility that he was a so-called bait dog for the horrible blood sport of dog fighting.

The sad story and plea for help

The employee pleaded for assistance writes:

Pacino came in while I was off and spent a few days at the vet, he came back yesterday so I did not see him in person until this morning. This is one of the most heart wrenching cases and yet he met me with the happiest face and a butt full of wiggles. The moment I locked eyes with him, I almost began to cry.

She added:

I am begging for anyone to step up and help this dog, truly a dog in need of rescue. This sweet boy needs rescue by 11 am Monday.

The clock is ticking

Pacino has until Monday morning to be out of the animal control facility – what will happen if he doesn’t make it does not need to be written….suffice to say, he’ll be nothing more than another sad statistic. One of society’s failures…a victim of disregard and cruelty.

Pacino is described as very people friendly – but extremely dog reactive (likely because of him being repeatedly attacked by dogs in the past). If you are affiliated with a rescue group that can help, please email to tag. Reference ID#A39985506

Location: City of Mesquite Animal Control (Texas)

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal control agency. The Pet Rescue Report is NOT the point of contact for rescue information or questions about health, availability and demeanor.

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Former bait dog overcomes horrible past

Remarkable recovery

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Rescues, please save Pacino and give him the life he deserves and help make this pain and suffering he has endured forgotten when he is placed with a loving family. He is one dog that definitely deserves help from humans. We are becoming more and more a sick race when we do this to innocent animals.


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