Great Dane puppy beaten by boyfriend with broom suffers severe leg break

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In the Midland, Texas area, a six-month-old Great Dane puppy was released to the MASA Rescue on Thursday. Her rescue story is heartbreaking and began with compassionate volunteers who work for a local veterinarian hospital.

“…One of us received a call from a frantic young woman seeking vet care for her dog [Ryplee] while we were at work. She stated that she got home and there was a broom with blood on it and her dog was unable to walk.

The only person home with the dog was her boyfriend so she suspects that he beat her dog with the broom for whatever reason. We told her to get the dog loaded up and head over immediately.”

Shortly after the emergency phone call, the puppy was carried into the Town and County Veterinarian Hospital  and was clearly terrified of everything and everyone. Pain medication was given to Ryplee and X-rays showed a fracture in the puppy’s femur and her humerus broken in half. Her injury is severe; she has significant nerve damage and is not able to feel her front foot.

When the puppy’s owner was told Ryplee would require surgery to repair her leg if her nerve damage reversed or would require amputation of her front leg, the woman stated she could not afford to help Ryplee. In addition she also had no place to keep the dog because she still lived with the boyfriend. Ryplee was then surrendered to MASA Rescue.

Police have been notified, however they are not pressing charges; no witnesses and at this point considered “hearsay.”

“Right now our focus is getting Ryplee better, both physically and emotionally. She is broken, not only physically but her heart and mind are broken as well.
Right now Ryplee is staying at Town and Country Vet. She is receiving pain meds and steroid injections daily to see if we can regain any nerve function so we can decide how to move forward,” the rescue posted on their Facebook page.

Check out this  Great Dane puppy’s heartbreaking video:

MASA needs help with Ryplee’s veterinarian and surgical expenses. To donate, please click here.

Midland Crime Stoppers. Call 432-694-TIPS (8477) or

Ryplee will also need a foster home. At the current time, she will remain with at the Town and County Vet (432-520-4427 -call in donation)

(Photos and video of Great Dane puppy courtesy of  MASA)

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Be still my heart…

Yep – so smart!

24 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    She is still with the boyfriend?! Is she stupid or just plain insane?! Must be that brain eating disease! If she is the next victim, she deserves what she gets!
    Hope and pray this beautiful dog gets the love and care she deserves … far away from the lunatics!!!

  2. KMR says:

    “Frantic young woman”, you’re next! That schidttbag isn’t going to stop at hurting your dog. Get away from him now! I hope he suffers a painful, disfiguring disease, then dies.

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    Feel so sorry for this pup I pray he heals and finds a safe loving home for the boyfriend he should be charged it’s very clear he is the one that did this to this poor pup why let it go so he can do it again to another poor animal set a example

  4. PAMELA D says:

    If this Great Dane has a severe break in his leg why would this idiot ask the dog to get up? Is she some sort of asshole volunteering at the shelter or worker. How dumb can she be stupid broad. The owner of this dog needs to break her boyfriends fu*&ing leg in half and shove a broom up his ass till it comes out of his mouth. Sick bastard.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Why did the stupid person ask if the dog could get up???? The dog’s leg is broken for God’s sake! Not a very smart person! The dog didn’t hit itself with the broom, how could the girlfriend stay with a person that hit her dog? She’s next!

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Exactly. She needs to kick him out , change the locks or get to safety. Unbelievable that no charges are pressed. I would have killed the SOB myself if that had been my dog! Hope the little guy recovers and is placed in a loving home

  6. Mary says:

    Words can’t describe what I would like to do to this “animal” that did this to the poor innocent dog. No charges filed, and she is still living with him???Next time it will be her!!!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Poor Ryplee, I pray she will be alright. As for her owner, what is wrong with you girl? Do you think this moron you continue to live with won’t do this to you someday? What he did to your puppy is inexcusable! He needs to be charged and thrown in jail and sued for the vet costs! “Hearsay”? what kind of investigation did the police do? I take it they actually believe the “boyfriend”?

  8. Denise Moore says:

    My God, how does someone do such. I pray Ryplee will be able to get he necessary care to heal and not lose a leg or have any other horrific injury. I’m also hoping the girl will get away from that boyfriend some how, he’s a danger and very evil.

  9. Donna Hawkins says:

    Are you kidding ! She’s going to stay with this creep who beat her dog!? Unbelievable! This poor dog is in a lot of pain and is very scared!

  10. Dalma Bugg says:

    This poor baby, no surprise that he’s terrified. I can’t bekieve his owner has just dumped him when he is in greatest need plus she’s staying on with the boyfriend. I would’ve waited til Ryplee had some pain treatment and at the very least comfortable and settled before ieavinv him there only to go throw out the ex’s stuff and change the locks. Then I’d be back at the Vet surgery for as long as they would let me stay so Ryplee knew I was there for him.
    And another scum bag or two go scot free. I have to question the owner’s part in the whole story to be honest. The only thing I’m thankful for is that she did take the precious baby in for treatment.

  11. Stephen Phillips says:

    Grill that som’bitch “boyfriend” ’til he breaks down and admits his heinous act, then beat the shit outta him with that same broom!
    Prayer that Rylee recovers, fully!

  12. Marsha Squibb says:

    Hmmmm the bastard boyfriend beats the dog and she is staying with him???? Sleep with a nice sharp knife under the pillow you stupid ass!!!! Thankfully Ryplee is in a safe place!Not so for this stupid broad!!!!

  13. pennysdachshunds says:

    I sure hope Rescue Dogs Rock N.Y. comes to the rescue… What a beautiful Young dog to be but down… The Fking Texas ” Police??????” are Mext tp Moronic!!! and Damn LAZY to Boot…

  14. Diana Rowell says:

    To the f*****g b***h in this video asking this poor dog to get up: what the hell is wrong with YOU!!! Do that in front of me and YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK YOURSELF UP! Damn it, you just FORCED Ryplee to RELIVE his trauma!!! I guess YOU think he hasn’t been tortured enough? I pray God finds YOU with a beating and someone FORCING YOU TO STAND with broken legs!!! Dear God, what is wrong with her?

  15. Pamela D says:

    It is heartbreaking to hear this dog cry after this moron ask the dog ‘CAN YOU GET UP.” If someone broke her leg would she like it if I asked her to get up. I really want to know where the hell is this volunteer is, although I am sure she is a passionate person towards animals but dumb as shit. I would have beaten the living shit out of this guy with a broom and then my fist if you ever did that to my dogs. This broad needs to break this bastard’s leg and make sure it will never be right and then throw his ugly ass on a train track.

    • Ruby says:

      You’re assuming the dog even knows what those words mean. She was talking in a calm soothing voice and she didn’t try to physically force her up.


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