Couple charged for torturing puppy to death

Couple charged for torturing dog to death – the sad tale of ‘Wolfie’

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A Kentucky couple is facing charges for allegedly torturing their young dog, Wolfie, to death. The young shepherd mix, not quite a year of age, was taken in by the Arrow Fund for emergency care, but he died on Wednesday.

The sad tale of Wolfie

When Wolfie was taken from Barry Jensen and Meghan Sturgill of Letcher County, he was emaciated and unresponsive. His gums were white from severe anemia and he was horribly dehydrated and emaciated. Though veterinarians worked to save his life, he could not overcome the severe neglect which ruined his young body.

Shortly after Wolfie passed away, the Arrow Fund wrote:

Our hearts are completely broken. He fought so hard , but his little body had been so damaged from horrendous neglect.
He was surrounded by love for most likely the first time in his life . We are completely heartbroken and emotionally depleted . We had so hoped he would pull through .

Couple charged for torture of puppy

The Arrow Fund had chronicled Wolfie’s fight to survive, but expressed doubt that he could overcome the extreme neglect which robbed him of his health.

The charges

Four other dogs, found crammed into a 6′ x 6′ cage, without food or water, were also seized and taken to the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter. Their owners are now facing charges for torturing a dog resulting in death and three counts of second-degree cruelty to animals, reported WYMT News.

Officials who went to the couple’s residence found “inhumane conditions” everywhere.

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14 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    How heartbreaking that help didn’t arrive in time to save Wolfie. Barry Jensen and Meghan Sturgill may face charges but what exact punishment will it even bring? How many times do these POS’s get away with this with only a slap on the wrist and small fine. They need to be punished for killing this precious dog!

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Why no pictures of the maggots who did this? At least their names are published. Maybe the neighbors will treat them the way they treated this innocent pup.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Do the same to these cretins and never let them out of jail. They should never be free to harm anyone or any other living being.

  4. Angel says:

    Anyone who is capable of doing this inflict this cruelty is not worth a breath of air. They are not human they are scum trash. When are we taking out the trash? You as in the law can’t fix this anymore than you can fix child molesters phetophiles rapists violent sadistic abusers. THAT is who they are. They just get worse to get their fix. Dog fighters and spectators they do not care. All they care about is that they got busted and how to get out of it and how to set up again to make that money no remorse no guilt nothing. When are our laws going to face this reality and protect our innocent as we are supposed to do?! Take out the garbage. People won’t tolerate these bull s… laws and punishments much longer no more than the corruption going on.

  5. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Well we have the names…I hope someone makes them pay. I feed a racoon outside for God’s sake in addition to our dogs inside. I cannot stand the sight of anything starving. Why are there so many of these EVIL people breathing on this earth?? So sorry you suffered you precious ????.

  6. Micele says:

    Where are the people who like to torture and kill others…
    Please inflict your madness on these pieces of shit…
    Why harm innocent people?
    At the very least administer some police brutality on the shitheads that did this.


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