Man faces felony charge after dog died in the heat

Man faces felony charge after dog found dead from the heat

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A Pennsylvania man is facing a felony charge of animal cruelty after his dog was found dead – outside in the intense summer heat. According to The Sentinel, in July, the authorities responded to a residence in Silver Spring Township because a caller reported seeing a dog lying motionless outside in the heat “for days.”

The grim discovery

A dead pit bull, legs and feet up in the air, was found outside of 37-year-old Eliezer Caraballo-Ocasio’s home on Cottage Court. Ocasio told the authorities that his dog had access to shade in an outdoor shed, but admitted that he hadn’t seen the dog since the afternoon before. Responding officers found no water for the dog and the shed was hot because the air-conditioning unit inside was not running.

The dog owner’s explanation

When Ocasio was questioned about why he believed that his dog died, he told officers that he thought perhaps he hadn’t provided enough water. Temperatures during the time that the dog died were in the 90s. The dog’s owner had already started to dig a grave.

The charges

Ocasio is facing a charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, misdemeanor neglect of animals and misdemeanor cruelty to animals for the death of his dog. He is due in court on August 15.

The takeaway

Dog owners are repeatedly warned about the dangers of leaving their pets in parked cars when it is warm outside, but it is important to remember that a dog can die from heat stroke if they are left outdoors without adequate protection from the heat. If it is hot outside, bring your pets inside. If they must be outside, provide plenty of cold, fresh water and somewhere that the dog can escape the intense heat that goes hand in hand with summer.

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  1. Red says:

    THERE NEEDS TO BE A NATIONAL REGISTRY FOR IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!! This twit needs to be stopped from ever owning or living in the same home as a pet! He is too stupid to have another life dependent upon him.
    Lock him up, throw away the key and forget about him!

  2. bgarabedian says:

    sick bastard how can u do this. god bless doggie. I pray you get to die in a hot desert with not food or water and roast to death. evil asshole. you will get payback. bb

  3. Adrienne says:

    These scum never listen or learn from others who have lost their dogs to heat related deaths. Put this scum outside,no shed, no water and she how long he survives. They don’t deserve any better than what they gave this poor dog who died needlessly. Never took care of the dog, so why have one? Jail time with Bubba and let him learn that way.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      LOVE that answer and it is totally appropriate for this maggot – he so well deserves to be boiled in oil – another waste whose life should be ended as cruelly as he ended this poor innocent dog’s.

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Amazing to me that the neighbor saw this dog outside laying in the same position “for days” and didn’t have the common sense to go check on the dog. The neighbor is an accessory to this death!

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    This PIECE OF SHIT NEEDS an ENEMA with a Silver Bullet to Clear out the MASSIVE Amounts of FECES he has for BRAIN MATTER!!!!!! STUPID IS NOT and EXCUSE for the AMOUNT the PAIN & SUFFERING his poor dog had to endure!!! WATER , H2O, it’s FREE !!! YOU STUPID ETHNIC Worm!!!


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