Canton man and girlfriend accused of skinning dog in horrific viral video arrested

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Scott Anthony Winter, 46, was arrested on Wednesday and is accused of skinning his pit bull and uploading the horrific video to social media. The Canton, Ohio resident faces a felony charge of prohibitions concerning companion animals.

According to WkbnNews, Warren Police Department Detective Michael Altiere stated the incident happened months ago, although the video of the horrific act was only recently released on social media. The son, who owned the dog, wanted everyone to know what his dad and his girlfriend had allegedly done to his pet. It is believed the dog was dead when Winter, shown in the video,  stood over the dog hanging from a rope with a bucket underneath it to catch the blood and skinned it.

That home located on the 300 block of Crestmont Avenue recently burned down. The details of the fire have not been made available.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Winter remains in jail in lieu of a $50,000 bond pending a court appearance on Friday morning in Canton Municipal Court. In 2016, Winter was convicted of four counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, but never completed his mandatory community service. In 2017, he was convicted of five counts for failing to register dogs and failing to have them vaccinated against rabies. With that conviction, he never paid his fine. Winter also has convictions of aggravated assault, breaking and entering. He was sentenced to probation and community service.

Winter’s girlfriend, Vicky Young, 32, was also arrested on Wednesday after police questioned her about animals that had previously been at the home. After searching the property, authorities discovered a skull and bones in a fire pit in the yard. She later admitted it was the skull of her missing dog that had been struck and killed by a vehicle. Winter burned the dog to dispose of its body.

Young  has been charged with falsification and appeared in Warren Municipal Court where bond was set at $3,500. She is prohibited from having any animals while the case is pending.

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20 replies
  1. Nadya Anne Wall-Rossi says:

    The depraved degenerates look like meth-heads. They will be a danger to others as long as they live. If it was up to me, they’d both be put to death in the same manner they tortured the poor innocent dog.

  2. Red says:

    Hell will be burning so hot for these two….. wish I could be there when they enter! I would love to hear the screams of terror and pain from these two horrible, sick, excuses for humans.
    Thank you to the guy who turned in his vile, sick, perverted father.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    This is One Demented and Tormented SOB along with his Drug Induced POS ” Squeeze” !! They are a Blight of Society and Shouldn’t Even Be allowed to Live in this country!!! I feel sorry for the young man He spawned and hopefully this Young Man will be able to function in a productive and humanistic fashion REGARDLESS of his “Father”???? WOW

    • Shawnery says:

      The son is good he called police on two separate occasions and didn’t get any results so he released the video. Cole Winter is good .He is not his father.

  4. ACE says:

    God, what I would do to these two monsters, the death penalty is too good for them. I would be VERY HAPPY id the public outcry brought them both to suicide, The World would be well rid of them!

  5. Stop animal abuse says:

    The dog deserves justice. We hope the US department of justice will serve appropriate sentences. Simply banning some inbred scumbag and related girlfriend from owning animals is not enough.

  6. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I volunteer my services to help skin these savage maggots. I can do it very slowly. I got a really old knife I can use. It should be sharpened but you know what I’ll just have to saw it back and forth as I do the skinning. And I’ll make sure they’re alive when it happens. Sign me up!!!!!

  7. Adrienne says:

    These things do not deserve to live another day. They are soul less and have no redeeming factors. Sorry to be so blunt, but there are so many evil creatures that walk on 2 feet that should be euthanized, not the 4 legged ones who for the most part, are the innocent ones. How do these so called people live with themselves knowing what they have done to animals?

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Scott Anthony Winter and his waste of space girlfriend, Vicky Young both need a dose of their own medicine – hogtied their vile butts, and dump them both in a compactor – a landfill is exactly where they both belong – along with the rest of the trash.

  9. LINDA TONDI says:

    I was and I am so angry when I read what these two scumbags did to their dog. This poor sweet dog suffered terribly at the hands of these two psychopaths! You poor excuse for human begins! I hope you suffer in the fires of hell when you die! You make me sick just looking at your evil faces!

  10. Dee says:

    I posted the story on my Facebook page, and even made contact with this dirtbags son who loved this dog and put this out all over the internet when the dog was killed and FB kept removing the post. I asked animal advocates to share what happened and try to get justice. Two people commented. Not one share. This skell got off on the first charges. It’s about time they arrested him for this. From what I know he has some kind of pull and if people don’t petition the police and local govt he’ll get away with this. There’s power in numbers. A lot of people are “vacationing” and having a good time in the summer and don’t “have time” to network these things? Please, don’t let this go again. I tried. I’m still in touch with the guys son. He wants justice but he’s scared if this pos gets loose again he’ll retaliate if he keeps posting the original post.


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