Dogs homeless after tragic accident

Bonded dogs left homeless after tragic Schoharie accident

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On Tuesday, a social media plea was issued on behalf of two bonded dogs who were left homeless after the devastating Schoharie, New York, limousine accident which claimed 20 lives. The plea was posted to Steve Caporizzo’s Pet Connection Facebook page – it reads in part:

We need Your Help…..
Need to find the most Loving home for Hazel and Jada together.

One of the victims of the tragic Schoharie accident has two wonderful pitties now needing a home. Our Thought and Prayers are with all the victims and their families. Its hard to even imagine the terrible pain and the shock that continues today.

The homeless dogs

According to the post, Jada (light color with white patch on her face) and Hazel, are mother and daughter and they belonged to 29-year-old Amanda Rivenburg of Albany. Both dogs are up to date on shots and are described as “good with kids and other dogs.”

The post has been shared over 1,100 times, with multiple offers to help (though it has not been confirmed whether or not the dogs have yet found a new home). Find the plea for help at this link to Facebook.

The tragic accident

Last weekend’s tragic limousine accident claimed the lives of 17 passengers in a limo which had been rented for a birthday celebration. The limo driver was also killed, as were two pedestrians who were struck when the vehicle crashed.

(Images via Facebook)

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8 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    A Horrific and Needless Accident::::: How and Why this kind of thing Happens so very Often Any More is a PUZZLE … Not only the Human Families and Friends are Suffering beyond belief These beautiful Pitt Mom and Daughter ( who simply don’t understand what the Hell happened ) are Now alone… I hope a rescue Or the Family of this lovely girl WILL STEP UP to the PLATE… if Not a PIT BULL RESCUE… It would BE AN INSULT to THE VERY MEMORY OF THIS YOUNG LADY IF HER DOGS WERE PUT DOWN TOO!!! OMG WHAT AN AWFUL THOUGHT!!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Such a tragic accident and horrible reminder that tomorrow isn’t a given for any of us. Prayers for these precious pups, I hope and pray someone steps up and takes them in to a loving home.

  3. Adrienne says:

    My sister lives up in Schoharie and said it has affected a lot of people in that town. They have done work on the road due to accidents, but they still happen and people drive too fast and don’t stop at the signs. I also hope these 2 loving dogs are taken by family who are familiar with them and that they are not separated. Our pets are our family members, and you would never think of leaving your child with a total stranger would you? Pray someone steps up to get them.

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    The whole situation has been a very sad tragedy, and my Thoughts and Prayers are with the victims’ families and with the first responders and investigators who had to deal and are dealing with the case. I also pray for these two beautiful sweet dogs who have lost their Mama as they too will be feeling overwhelmed and terribly sad. Thoughts and Prayers for them to soon find a new loving furever home so thst they can settle into their new environment and get to know and love their new human/s, I also pray thst whoever is taking care of their rehoming will be very careful in the screening of potential adopters because, as we all know, there are way too many out there who have a completely unfounded vendetta against pitbulls, along with an equal or higher number willing to lie to get hold of them for fighting. Please God, protect this precious mother and daughter pair and help them get the right home.


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