Man accused of killing beagle

Arizona man arrested for beating beagle to death

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An Arizona man has been arrested for allegedly beating a beagle to death. According to ABC 15 News, the man accused of killing the beagle is identified as 19-year-old Adam Drew Haislip of Phoenix.

Haislip allegedly beat the beagle in the stomach and threw the dog into a swimming pool on March 16 – the dog passed away several hours after the incident, despite being taken to an emergency veterinary hospital for care.

A necropsy on the beagle confirmed that the dog had suffered internal damage and hemorrhaging – Haislip admittd to “smacking the dog once or twice,” before throwing the animal into the pool. Haislip is facing a charge of felony animal cruelty.

(Image via screenshot ABC 15 News)

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16 replies
    • Darla G says:

      Spawns of Satan, that’s what they are. I seriously think it’s part of the “instant gratification” our society has now – no one has to wait for anything and if something goes wrong, they have no patience and no self-control. Kids are sooo spoiled these days and they have no concept of reality.

  1. pennyedachshunds says:

    Someone Drive this Evil Bastard out in the Desert down the in Arizona and find and abandoned Mine Shaft… and allow it to become inhabited FOR one more time with “this Putrid Shit !” Hanislip doesn’t deserve to walk the face of the earth!!! A Beagle is ONE of the most affectionate of breeds!!! A delightful and loving companion!!! THIS IS NOT FOR ONE MINUTE ACCECTABLE!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Do exactly what he did to this lovely beagle.Eye for an eye justice.Put in jail and let the dog lovers after him and have guards turn away and avoid seeing what happens.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Sounds like he did more than “slap” the poor dog once or twice! I hope he spends a long time in jail! What horrible deed could this poor Beagle have done to deserve such a fate! I hope the POS rots in Hell!

  4. Gizmos Mommy says:

    When are journalists going to stop the nonsense of calling these maggot pukes men?!? They are not. They do not qualify as human beings. That is not a man. It doesn’t even qualify as a sub human. I don’t know what it’s going to take for journalists to stop referring to these rabid maggot puke bags as men. Give me 2 minutes with this POS – time me. It’ll be served justice.

    • Pamela. Bolton says:

      The firing squad needs reactivated and POS like this need a “meet and greet” with them. Make the world a better place immediately

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    This vile punk named Haslip should just be hogtied and driven to the deepest area of the desert and left – he deserves no less. Another example of white trash and he deserves to be treated like the garbage he is.

  6. Nadya Rossi says:

    He’ll get a suspended sentence, no fine, no ban on owning more animals. Dogs, other animals and children mean nothing to the Courts.

  7. Pamela. Bolton says:

    I hope someone “slaps him once or twice “ while in jail. And God let’s POS like this breath clean air.


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