Dog patiently waited on discarded couch for his family

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When the old proverb once stated, ” A picture is worth a thousand words,” could the image of a dog waiting patiently on a discarded couch just convince anyone the pooch is waiting for his family to come home? Was it the couch from the dog’s home, and did the faint smells of his former family bring him comfort?

On Wednesday, Detroit Dog Rescue had been tipped off about Potato. (the dog’s new name short for “Couch Potato”) And there he was – an abandoned dog gently sleeping on an abandoned couch in Detroit trying to catch some of the sun’s warm afternoon rays. Although Potato has been rescued and is safe from anymore harm, he will need a lot of care before he can be ready for adoption. At his veterinarian examination, Potato was diagnosed with advanced heartworm disease, and if not treated, he will slowly die.

Heartworm infestation is an expensive disease to treat because of the time and the cost of the drugs used. According to the organization’s Facebook page, the average cost to treat heartworms is $1,200 per dog, not including chest x-rays, blood work and medical boarding while undergoing treatment. Factor in that Couch Potato also suffers from parasites, an ear infection and other conditions, his rehabilitation costs can be expected to exceed $3,000. Unfortunately, many dogs entering city shelters are euthanized because of the expense to treat them.

At Detroit Dog Rescue, the staff finds the resources to treat heartworms. Although it’s not easy, they don’t feel dogs should die, because of a treatable disease. 

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Since its inception, the group has helped more than 5,000 dogs through its vaccination clinics, rehabilitation and adoption services.

Get well soon sweet pup. You are one of the lucky ones!

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  1. Detroit is The Blight of the State of Michigan!!! the animal abuse/ neglect/ torture/fighting rings/ maiming/ IS twice IF NOT three times higher than any other Section of the State.. that to me reflects the following… Extensive USE of Illegal drugs, Extreme Gang Activity, Dog Fighting Rings, Lack of Pride in Life itself, Absence of 2 parent families, Lack of Family Pride and Living Skill, and the acceptance of being abused , brutalized, mistreated!!! A Classic Example is this Gentle, Caring, Gentleman Dog who loved and waited for his family … even though HIS family NEGLECTED HIM SOMETHING TERRIBLE before the walked off and left HIM!!!

    • I was born and raised in Detroit 73 years ago. It used to be a thriving, diverse city. During my lifetime, it has devolved into a third world cesspool. Dogfighters, drug dealers, predatory gangbangers, thugs and rampant immorality & corruption are to blame.

  2. This poor fur-baby. So sweet, so gentle. Betrayed by people ,but now people are showing him so mercy. God bless you all.

  3. I will never understand how people can do this, abandon their pets like the old unwanted couch! Obviously he was neglected anyway, I hope they find the owners and make them pay for his treatments.

  4. Dogs are so much more loyal than humans in every way, shape and form – these maggots who left Potato and he sits on a discarded couch waiting for them are proof positive – another reason I hate humans – they treat animals like disposable objects and I hope these bastards get their cruel actions back threefold. They deserve it. PLEASE some kind person step up for Potato and give him the FOREVER home he certainly never had.

  5. animals are not toys they are living beings and not garbage that you can toss to the curb i would love to take these stupid ass owners and ring their fucken necks and put toss them to the side of the road how heart less how discusting these sick psychopaths are!!!!!!!


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